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#ASKAMAMA Monday with Kat Inokai: Where Do We Go From Here?

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This week Kat tackles a sensitive yet important question from K., regarding sex and relationship issues post-miscarriage.

Kat handles it gracefully and provides valuable insight from her own struggles with the same issues.

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Ask A Mama Monday with Kat Inokai!

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Here she is, guys!

My first Mama for #ASKAMAMA Monday, the illustrious KAT INOKAI!

Kat is a creative director, producer, and mom. Sometimes she pretends she has her own reality show.  Balancing a business, a split marriage, a 4 year old, a new relationship and pregnancy will do that to you.

She runs Spin the Idea Ltd. —a boutique digital PR and branding firm; writes her own little blog (; and is a featured blogger with whose articles have appeared in the Huffington Post.

Her YMC blog Trying Times is all about her most private life: hardships with loss and miscarriage, fertility clinics, the separation from her husband, adventures in co-parenting, and being single all over again. It’s about staying real and raw, while grappling with personal ambition and passion projects through the lens of mummyhood. If it puts Kat outside of her comfort zone, and in touch with staying vulnerable, learning, self-discovery and connecting with others — it’s fair game.

Some people think Kat is nuts to put all this out in the public domain, and maybe she is.

Lucky for you!


She has no problems offering ‘totally non-expert but completely impassioned’ advice about sex, relationships, pregnancy, parenting, intestinal health (she has Crohn’s), trying to conceive and other fertility issues, body image, women’s rights, business management, branding and social media, conspiracy theories (especially PANTS), maternity style, and comic books that have been adapted to film. Oh. And food.
Always the food.

So go ahead. Shoot!

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So there you have it!  Fire those questions away,
and tune in Monday for the very first Ask A Mama Monday vlog!