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#ASKAMAMA Monday with Kat Inokai: How to Manage the Grandparents

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How do you manage the grandparents when they have very different, and possibly objectionable parenting views from yours?

Whether it’s your parents or your partner’s, Kat shares her thoughts on the matter, and fights off a BUG while she does it!

I want to thank Kat from the bottom of my heart for opening herself up to this project, offering amazing advice to everyone who watched, and for being the very first Mama on the #ASKAMAMA series!

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Thanks for following along, and make sure you tune in next week for the debut of the next Mama in the series, author and eco-blogger Madeleine Somerville!

#ASKAMAMA Monday with Kat Inokai: Two, Two, Two Questions in One!

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This week’s #ASKAMAMA episode takes a lighter turn with not one, but TWO questions answered by the lovely Kat Inokai!

Ever wondered how often you should be washing your toddler’s hands?  Or whether it’s okay to give your infant a blanket rather than a sleep sack?  Check out the vlog to see what Kat has to say about it all!

A message to Erin from Kat

Hey Erin, I found something just for you while I was on my travels. This Wee Urban sleep sack is locally designed and crafted, made from organic and recycled materials, super cute, won’t break the bank at $38, fits baby up to 36 months, AND you can get it from This Little Piggy right here in Toronto!

Check out  where you can order on line, or come to the super cute shop at 1594 Queen West (at Sorauren Ave).

Call 416-564-2935 if you have any questions and tell them you heard about them from #ASKAMAMA!

Hope this works for you.
Xo Kat

This Little Piggy


Just a reminder that Madeleine Somerville is the next Mama lined up for the series!  Her episodes start airing on Monday, July 14th, and there’s still time to submit a question (deadline is Friday, July 4)!

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