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Town Hall #1: Good Cop, Bad Cop & the “Threenager” Phenomenon

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It seems to me like every parent I know is talking about Threenagers these days.  Like, when did this become a thing?  When I was a babysitter, learning about Littles and what to expect while looking after them, I was never warned about the age of 3.  It was always, ALWAYS about 2.  How the 2s are TERRIBLE… Hence: The Terrible Twos.

Bee is almost 3.  And most of the time, she’s great.  Really great.  Fun, funny, witty, blow-my-mind amazing.  But when she’s not great, she embodies the spirit and attitude of a hormonally raging teenager.

Lord.  Help.  Me.

Desperately wanting to talk it out with other parents, and feeling the need to share other parenting issues of the day, one hot July evening I gathered some of my closest girlfriends together in a room, plopped down a mic and recorded the very first Town Hall.




In this episode we discuss this Threenager business, and also get into topics such as: the Good Cop, Bad Cop dynamic between us and our husbands, the “Second Child Syndrome,” which is basically how our parenting style has changed since having second and subsequent kids, and what our own personal parenting mantras are.

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You can also hear the audio from all my #ASKAMAMA {Mondays} episodes.  If you haven’t had a chance to watch any of them, and can’t spend the time watching a YouTube video – sometimes I can’t! – then you can still enjoy by downloading and listening on-the-go!  Bonus!

I hope you enjoy the podcast.  And if you have any ideas for future episodes, or would like to get involved, feel free to contact me via the form at the bottom of the page.  I’d love to round up a fresh bunch of ‘rents for the next session, which I’ll be scheduling soon!

Until then, listen on!  And to all you Moms and Dads: be kind to yourself.  You’re doing the best you can.


Just a note:  Alli demonstrates her mantra to us with her hands around 30:40, here is video of that.

Updates… and VLOGS! What Fun!

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Things have been pretty quiet here on the ol’ bloggeroo lately.

It’s summer, Bee is home Mondays and Fridays, and I’ve been spending as much time soaking up these Littles as I can before I head back to work {*SOB*} in the fall.

So for that, my writing has taken a bit of a hit.  And that’s not to say there hasn’t been anything noteworthy happening around here!  Quite the opposite, actually.  I’ll go into more detail in an upcoming post, but for now, here are the bullet points:

– Bubs is nearly 10-months old and crawling around like a wee speed demon.  Well actually, he’s more butt-scooting than crawling.  He pushes himself on his bum while pulling himself forward with his legs and supporting his chubby upper-bod with one arm.  One arm, so he can hold something in his other hand.  Natch.

– He’s also still not sleeping through the night.  Which means no one is sleeping through the night.  Except for Bee, actually.  She sleeps like a dream, thank God.  But at nearly a year old, I’m still getting up with him around three times a night.  Ugh.  We’ve tried “sleep training” him, but you know what?  I really hate the sound of my baby screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night.  It feels wrong to me, so we threw the whole Cry It Out business, OUT the window.  Call me crazy, but I’ll probably keep going to him until he just one day, MIRACULOUSLY, starts sleeping through the night.  And perhaps it’s just my sleep-deprived, exhausted brain talking here, but for now, I’m sticking to that statement.

– Despite the sleepless nights, he is one of the chattiest, happiest little babies I’ve ever met.  He has dimples for days and shows them off to anyone who looks his way.  His blonde hair is fluffy and growing into one badass mullet, it’s pretty spectacular.  Those two, nasty bottom teeth have finally poked through, and now we just await… the rest.  Sigh.  Teething SUCKS.  But thank goodness for hacks like THIS 😉

– Bee has entered the dawn of the Threenager, and a few months early at that.  Hooray.  “What is a Threenager,” you ask?  What, you don’t know?  You poor fool!  A Threenager is a JOY to have around!  Um, not.  A Threenager is a toddler who is prone to being moody, judgemental, and stubborn as hell.  The power struggle is real, and it’s CRAZY.  I am definitely revisiting my mantra a LOT these days, and constantly having to remind myself that, “she’s two.  She’s two.  She is only TWO.  And you are the Mama.  You Are The Mama.  What YOU say, goes.  Jeebuz…..”

– Yes, Bee can be a challenge.  A perplexing puzzle of a little human.  But she really is, at the end of the day, the greatest achievement in my life.  She is remarkable – brilliant, funny, polite and kind, and I know I totally sound like one of “those” parents, but if you ever have the pleasure of meeting her, you’ll see I’m not full of sh*t.  She is the light in our lives, and manages to charm everyone who crosses her blazing path.  I’m loving every second watching her become the person she’s meant to be, and consider it a privilege to be her Mama.  *SOB*

– I’ve launched my newest podcast series through my iTunes channel!  Well, I’ve published the intro to the series.  You can check out what’s to come HERE.  Make sure you subscribe so you get the updates as they happen 🙂

Although the writing has been thin, I’ve been spending more time vlogging for my YouTube channel.  Head on over to check out the latest, but for your immediate viewing pleasure, please have a laugh at two of my recent contributions to the internets!

So there you have it!  This is what we’ve been up to lately around these parts.  I’m going to be a bit more diligent with the writing – I can feel I’m a bit rusty and would like to get my “voice” back. Until then, I’m gonna keep up with the vlogging and podcasting so you can join me in any way that suits you best.

Don’t be a stranger!

#ASKAMAMA {Mondays} with Trisha Hughes: Part 1

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I know it’s technically a Tuesday, today.  But, guys…

This one was epic!

Trisha Hughes, from Eat Your Beets, has been on my “WANT” list of Mamas to ask for this series since I started it.  Thankfully the stars aligned, and we were able to make it happen for this episode!

The one thing neither of us was expecting, was just how long we’d end up talking for!  I recorded nearly 2 hours of interview footage, and decided instead of butchering it to high heaven for one episode – there is a lot of great material – I’d break it into two!

In part 1 we discuss how Trisha and her family came to discover the Paleo/Primal lifestyle, her upcoming events {a hands-on photography workshop & panelling a discussion group at the Alt Summit}, and her crazy experience with being put on the Instagram Suggested Users list.  And in part 2, which will be up next week, we get into the questions you guys submitted for Trisha.

As I did with the previous episode with Bria Evenson, the podcasts will be the longer, unedited versions of the interview.

You can link to the podcast for part 1 on my iTunes channel HERE.  And while you’re there, don’t forget to subscribe (*wink*)



Eat Your Beets
Eat Pretty Things
Edible Omaha
Trisha’s post “Why I’m Glad I’m Losing Followers on Instagram”
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Natural Light Food Photography Workshop at Bench Omaha – June 6
Altitude Summit in Salt Lake City – June 9-12


It Takes a Village: #ASKAMAMA Monday with Bria Evenson

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It’s BACK, guys.  And with a whole new format, to boot!

The old proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and at it’s core, that’s what #ASKAMAMA is all about.

I’m seeking out Mamas (& Papas!) to offer advice and tips and stories and tales and misguided adventures to any and all of you who are looking for answers and/or anecdotes outside of your immediate circle of peeps who you lean on regularly for such things.

The goal is to expand your Village because, really, raising the next generation – and the next, and the next… – we’re all in this together, don’t you think?

#ASKAMAMA is on Youtube & the Podisphere, so going forward you can reach out to The Village on all your fun, fancy mobile devices and submit questions however suits your needs!  The podcasts will be the full, unedited interview with each Mama (& Papa!), and the vlogs will stick to the original format in that they will focus solely on the submitted #ASKAMAMA questions!

Bria was so gracious and patient with me as I took my time to work out all the kinks, and I’m so grateful to have had her as the first Mama to kick off this new series and… phase?  Chapter?  Let’s say both.

I’ll be announcing the next Mama in the coming days, so stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, here’s how to reach Bria directly:

Instagram:  @bria_evenson_fitness
Twitter:  @FitBria

And again, here’s how to submit your questions on parenting, lifestyle, cooking, the great Big Questions of the Universe:

  1. Post it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #ASKAMAMA
  2. Leave what’s on your mind in the comment section of this post
  3. Head to my Facebook page and either drop me a private message or post the question on my wall
  4. Shoot me an email at
  5. Fill out the trusty ol’ question form at the bottom of the page

This is going to be SO much fun, guys.  I’m really excited!  And I hope you all stick around and have your Village grow with this series.

#ASKAMAMA Monday with Madeleine Somerville: Rubbing Alcohol vs. Vinegar & Cleaning a Mouldy Compost Bin

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On her final #ASKAMAMA episode, Madeleine answers not one, but TWO viewer questions!

  1. Is there a difference between using rubbing alcohol vs. vinegar to kill germs when cleaning around the house?
  2. How can I keep mould out of my kitchen compost bin

Thank you SO MUCH to Madeleine for taking part in the series during such a busy time in her life (book tour, interviews, house purchasing, moving)!

For more tips & tricks from Madeleine, click HERE to purchase her best selling book All You Need Is Less: The Eco-friendly Guide to Guilt-Free Green Living and Stress-Free Simplicity!

And of course you can follow Madeleine on her adventures through her blog Sweet Madeleine, which has gained a large following thanks to it’s no-muss, no-fuss approach to eco-friendly endeavours, as well as her relatable, honest and humorous take on family life.

Other ways to get in touch with Madeleine:

Twitter:  @MadeleineSix
Instagram:  @Sweet.Madeleine


Starting next week, writer/blogger/small biz whiz Kat Armstrong will be joining us for 4 weeks as the next Mama on the #ASKAMAMA series!

When she’s not freelance writing, she writes her own blog This Is The Place. When she’s not writing this or that, she’s the co-owner of Toronto boutique This Little Piggy where she manages social media, the store’s blog and various other fun things!

There’s still time to submit a question, so here’s how!

Post it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #ASKAMAMA

Leave what’s on your mind in the comment section of this post

Head to my Facebook page (link in sidebar) & either drop me a private message or post the question to my wall

Shoot me an email at

Fill out the trusty ol’ form below!

#ASKAMAMA Monday with Madeleine Somerville: Is It All Worth It?

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
― Margaret Mead 


Is it all worth it?  Are my tiny environmentally friendly gestures really helping in saving the planet?  How can one person truly make a difference?

We’ve all been there, we’ve all had our doubts.  And on this week’s #ASKAMAMA episode, Madeleine offers her thoughts on the bigger picture and suggests that by simply changing the way we think about it, we can get our eco-confidence back one recycled coffee cup at a time.


If you missed last week’s Top Three Toddler Tantrum Tips, click HERE!

And click HERE for the previous week’s DIY Natural Body Lotion episode!


Here’s how you can connect with Madeleine:

Instagram: @sweet.madeleine
Twitter:  @MadeleineSix


Don’t forget that starting in a couple of weeks, the effervescent writer/blogger/small biz owner Kat Armstrong will be joining us for 4 weeks as the next Mama on the #ASKAMAMA series, and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

Here’s how you can submit a question for Kat:

Post it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #ASKAMAMA

Leave what’s on your mind in the comment section of this post

Head to my Facebook page (link in sidebar) & either drop me a private message or post the question to my wall

Shoot me an email at

Fill out the trusty ol’ form below!

#ASKAMAMA Monday with Madeleine Somerville: Toddler Tantrum Tips!

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It’s Week Two with author and eco-blogger Madeleine Somerville!

In today’s episode she gives her Top Three Toddler Tantrum Tips, and passes along some sage words of wisdom she once received for us parents to keep in our back pockets at all times!

And if you missed last week’s DIY Natural Body Lotion episode, just click HERE!


Here’s how you can connect with Madeleine:

Twitter & Instagram:  @MadeleineSix

And of course, here’s how you can ask a question for an upcoming episode:

Post it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #ASKAMAMA

Leave what’s on your mind in the comment of this post

Head to my Facebook page (link in sidebar) & either drop me a private message or post the question on my wall

Shoot me an email at

Fill out the trusty ol’ form below!