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Things have been pretty quiet here on the ol’ bloggeroo lately.

It’s summer, Bee is home Mondays and Fridays, and I’ve been spending as much time soaking up these Littles as I can before I head back to work {*SOB*} in the fall.

So for that, my writing has taken a bit of a hit.  And that’s not to say there hasn’t been anything noteworthy happening around here!  Quite the opposite, actually.  I’ll go into more detail in an upcoming post, but for now, here are the bullet points:

– Bubs is nearly 10-months old and crawling around like a wee speed demon.  Well actually, he’s more butt-scooting than crawling.  He pushes himself on his bum while pulling himself forward with his legs and supporting his chubby upper-bod with one arm.  One arm, so he can hold something in his other hand.  Natch.

– He’s also still not sleeping through the night.  Which means no one is sleeping through the night.  Except for Bee, actually.  She sleeps like a dream, thank God.  But at nearly a year old, I’m still getting up with him around three times a night.  Ugh.  We’ve tried “sleep training” him, but you know what?  I really hate the sound of my baby screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night.  It feels wrong to me, so we threw the whole Cry It Out business, OUT the window.  Call me crazy, but I’ll probably keep going to him until he just one day, MIRACULOUSLY, starts sleeping through the night.  And perhaps it’s just my sleep-deprived, exhausted brain talking here, but for now, I’m sticking to that statement.

– Despite the sleepless nights, he is one of the chattiest, happiest little babies I’ve ever met.  He has dimples for days and shows them off to anyone who looks his way.  His blonde hair is fluffy and growing into one badass mullet, it’s pretty spectacular.  Those two, nasty bottom teeth have finally poked through, and now we just await… the rest.  Sigh.  Teething SUCKS.  But thank goodness for hacks like THIS 😉

– Bee has entered the dawn of the Threenager, and a few months early at that.  Hooray.  “What is a Threenager,” you ask?  What, you don’t know?  You poor fool!  A Threenager is a JOY to have around!  Um, not.  A Threenager is a toddler who is prone to being moody, judgemental, and stubborn as hell.  The power struggle is real, and it’s CRAZY.  I am definitely revisiting my mantra a LOT these days, and constantly having to remind myself that, “she’s two.  She’s two.  She is only TWO.  And you are the Mama.  You Are The Mama.  What YOU say, goes.  Jeebuz…..”

– Yes, Bee can be a challenge.  A perplexing puzzle of a little human.  But she really is, at the end of the day, the greatest achievement in my life.  She is remarkable – brilliant, funny, polite and kind, and I know I totally sound like one of “those” parents, but if you ever have the pleasure of meeting her, you’ll see I’m not full of sh*t.  She is the light in our lives, and manages to charm everyone who crosses her blazing path.  I’m loving every second watching her become the person she’s meant to be, and consider it a privilege to be her Mama.  *SOB*

– I’ve launched my newest podcast series through my iTunes channel!  Well, I’ve published the intro to the series.  You can check out what’s to come HERE.  Make sure you subscribe so you get the updates as they happen 🙂

Although the writing has been thin, I’ve been spending more time vlogging for my YouTube channel.  Head on over to check out the latest, but for your immediate viewing pleasure, please have a laugh at two of my recent contributions to the internets!

So there you have it!  This is what we’ve been up to lately around these parts.  I’m going to be a bit more diligent with the writing – I can feel I’m a bit rusty and would like to get my “voice” back. Until then, I’m gonna keep up with the vlogging and podcasting so you can join me in any way that suits you best.

Don’t be a stranger!

It Takes a Village: #ASKAMAMA Monday with Bria Evenson

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It’s BACK, guys.  And with a whole new format, to boot!

The old proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and at it’s core, that’s what #ASKAMAMA is all about.

I’m seeking out Mamas (& Papas!) to offer advice and tips and stories and tales and misguided adventures to any and all of you who are looking for answers and/or anecdotes outside of your immediate circle of peeps who you lean on regularly for such things.

The goal is to expand your Village because, really, raising the next generation – and the next, and the next… – we’re all in this together, don’t you think?

#ASKAMAMA is on Youtube & the Podisphere, so going forward you can reach out to The Village on all your fun, fancy mobile devices and submit questions however suits your needs!  The podcasts will be the full, unedited interview with each Mama (& Papa!), and the vlogs will stick to the original format in that they will focus solely on the submitted #ASKAMAMA questions!

Bria was so gracious and patient with me as I took my time to work out all the kinks, and I’m so grateful to have had her as the first Mama to kick off this new series and… phase?  Chapter?  Let’s say both.

I’ll be announcing the next Mama in the coming days, so stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, here’s how to reach Bria directly:

Instagram:  @bria_evenson_fitness
Twitter:  @FitBria

And again, here’s how to submit your questions on parenting, lifestyle, cooking, the great Big Questions of the Universe:

  1. Post it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #ASKAMAMA
  2. Leave what’s on your mind in the comment section of this post
  3. Head to my Facebook page and either drop me a private message or post the question on my wall
  4. Shoot me an email at
  5. Fill out the trusty ol’ question form at the bottom of the page

This is going to be SO much fun, guys.  I’m really excited!  And I hope you all stick around and have your Village grow with this series.

#ASKAMAMA Monday with Kat Inokai: How to Manage the Grandparents

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How do you manage the grandparents when they have very different, and possibly objectionable parenting views from yours?

Whether it’s your parents or your partner’s, Kat shares her thoughts on the matter, and fights off a BUG while she does it!

I want to thank Kat from the bottom of my heart for opening herself up to this project, offering amazing advice to everyone who watched, and for being the very first Mama on the #ASKAMAMA series!

If you want to get in touch with Kat, you can email her or connect with her via social media through the following channels:

Twitter & Instagram:  @bumpandhustle
Bump & Hustle TV

#ASKAMAMA Monday will tackle any sort of quandary you have, anything from parenting to lifestyle to health & wellness – you need to know?  We’ll get you the answer!

You can submit a question at any time through one of the following methods: 

– Post it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #ASKAMAMA

– Leave what’s on your mind in the comment section of this post

– Head to my 
Facebook page and either drop me a private message or post the question on my wall

– Shoot me an email at

– Fill out the trusty ol’ question form at the bottom of the page!

Thanks for following along, and make sure you tune in next week for the debut of the next Mama in the series, author and eco-blogger Madeleine Somerville!

Great News & UGH! News: 28 Weeks Pregnant

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My 28 Weeks Pregnant vlog, featuring a special guest towards the end.

How far along?  28 weeks, officially in the third trimester!  Holy sh*t…..

Baby’s size:  Pelé is now the size of a large eggplant and still around 1.5-2.5 lbs.  I kinda feel like he’s been through a growth spurt, which is why I was feeling queasy the other week.  That’s all gone now though, back to eating like a horse.  A massive, hungry horse whose appetite cannot be satiated with mere single portions alone.  Give me two of everything or give me your heart on a plate…

….woah.  That got dark really fast.  Sorry about that.  I get super hangry these days.  Just a warning.

Total weight gain: 19 pounds, so I was one pound off from my guess of 20!  But really that’s only because I didn’t eat breakfast before my glucose test.  If I had had my usual oatmeal/scrambled eggs/toast/sneaky croissant slipped into my purse I would have been over 20 for sure, forsureforsure.

Maternity clothes?  Yes… except for the bathing suit I had to wear at my in-laws over the long weekend.  I dug and I searched and combed and scanned and tossed and overturned everything in this house, and for the life of me could not find that damned maternity suit I am still convinced I have somewhere!

I’d been dreaming of floating in the pool for weeks, so I had no choice but to sift through the bikinis from my previous lives (because why would I own a ONE PIECE before having kids?! Like, hell-OO!) and pick out the least flimsy, tissue paper-esque, stringy one I had, one with actual support – which was basically this one:

VSSuit*Sigh* I did not look like this while wearing it.

All I’m going to say about squeezing myself into this contraption is that I’m grateful there was only close family there to see it. The end.  Moving on.

Best moment this week:  Just as I’d hoped, being in the Valley for Canada Day long weekend, hands down.  As I mentioned in my 26 week update, we weren’t sure how Bee would take to the pool.  Much to our delight though, after a bit of time spent watching everyone else splash around – and possibly a bribe of a pickle (a “pickle bribe”, if you will) – she went in!  She was eventually comfortable and happy in the water, and even did some kicking and bubble blowing with Hubs!  It was the cutest thing and we have such incredible photos of the day… it was one of my Top 5 Bee Moments, for sure.

Since having her, I’ve imagined Bee as a wild, nudie, hippie baby, running free around my in-laws barefoot and diaper-less… a dream that was realized over the time spent there.  Most days the only thing on her skin was sunscreen a bit of bug spray, other than that she was free as a bird; nekkid as the day she was born.  It was amazing to see how natural she was in that environment, and I really hope we can get back there again sometime this summer before Pelé comes.

Miss Anything?  Still boooooooooze.  It’s really, REALLY hard being the only one not enjoying a glass of wine or a delicious frosty beer, especially in the Valley.  Sitting in the gazebo enjoying the breeze, listening to the cicadas and just being still with everything around me – what goes better with that than alcohol, I ask you?!

With Bee I managed to convince myself that President’s Choice Red Brew De-Alcoholized Beer tasted exactly like the Muskoka Brewery Mad Tom… LIES!  All lies.  This time around, it tastes like bath water.  Or swamp water.  Or worse:  just really bad beer.  I’m allowing myself little sips here-and-there of Hubs’ pints whenever we’re out, but I’m just not one of those pregnant women who is comfortable drinking her own.  I wish I was, GOD!  I wish I was!  I always thought I would be.  But, alas, just the faint taste of a delicious IPA on my lips is what I settle for, and will for the next 12 weeks.

Movement:  YES.  Pelé is trying to knock my laptop off my belly as I type this, and coming very close to succeeding.  I’m going to try and get a video of it….

Food cravings:  Everything bad for me.  Ice cream, especially.  And chicken wings.  Oh my God, chicken wings… I could eat a dozen right now, I’m telling you.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not this week, thankfully.  Or, maybe… not thankfully?  If you watch the vlog you’ll hear about my glucose test hiccup – as it turns out I’d probably be better off with aversions to the junky foods which I hold so dear.  UGH.

Gender:  Boy.  Still a boy.  And even if I didn’t know that he was a boy I would definitely suspect it, since everything about this pregnancy is totally different from the last.  Especially the way he kicks and wiggles and worms around, getting all his little limbs jammed everywhere under everything- exactly what I’d expect from a mischievous little boy.

Symptoms:  Lower.  Back.  Agony.   Sometimes I have trouble rolling over or sitting up in bed, that’s how bad it is.  And I’m not someone who ever had general aches and pains before getting pregnant – before having Bee I was in really good shape, rocking tissue paper bikinis and actually wanting to show off my legs, and now… I huff and puff going up stairs and hate pants and want to wear long dresses and skirts all the time.  And I have back pain.  LOWER back pain, which for some reason I imagine to be worse than just back pain.

Seriously, my next project is to find a good acupuncturist, one who specializes in easing prenatal discomfort.  If anyone can recommend one in the GTA, hollah at me, PLEASE.

Thank you in advance!

Belly Button in or out?  NEXT.

Looking forward to:  Getting my back sorted out – hopefully I’ll be able to find an acupuncturist and get an appointment made before my 30 week update, so I can let you all know how it goes!

Not really looking forward to the second round of glucose testing per se, but hoping the results come back negative so I can go back to eating ice cream guilt-free!  I’ll keep you posted on that!

Author and blogger Madeleine Somerville will be featured every Monday for 4 weeks starting July 14th on my #ASKAMAMA series!  The questions are in and filming starts soon!  A teaser will be up next weekend, so stay tuned for that!

 Hope you guys are liking this version of the bi-weekly update!  Would love to hear your thoughts!

#ASKAMAMA Monday with Kat Inokai: Where Do We Go From Here?

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This week Kat tackles a sensitive yet important question from K., regarding sex and relationship issues post-miscarriage.

Kat handles it gracefully and provides valuable insight from her own struggles with the same issues.

Here’s how you can ask a question for an upcoming episode:

– Post it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #ASKAMAMA

– Leave what’s on your mind in the comment of this post

– Head to my Facebook page (link in the sidebar) and either drop me a private message or post the question on my wall

– Shoot me an email at

– Fill out the trusty ol’ form below!

Turn Baby, Turn: 26 Weeks Pregnant

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June 18, 2014

Can I just start off by saying, completely off topic, that earlier today I was digging through my closet, searching for a roomy, one-piece maternity swimsuit I thought I had and instead came across some of my old teeny, tiny frilly bras that I wore a million lifetimes ago…

… and it made me crumple into a heap and cry.


I posted in my 24 Week update that Pelé is lying transverse.  Well, according to no science whatsoever and only how I feel at this exact moment – like I have a baby growing sideways inside of me pushing my ribs even further out, which I didn’t think was humanly possible at this point considering how far they’ve already stretched – he is still lying transverse.

My next midwife appointment is in a couple of weeks so I’ll find out then if I’m right (I am.  I just totally know I am.).  

As evidence that I have done my research and am taking measures of my own to gently turn him in the the head-down position, I made the above little ditty which not only shows me doing the Forward-Leaning Inversion, but also showcases my extreme Cirque du Soleil-esgue balancing abilities.

PLEASE, please, PLEEEEEASE, do not attempt this move if you have, or suspect you might have any underlying medical conditions or issues.  As a pregnant woman, you should ALWAYS consult with your doctor or midwife before undertaking any new, weird activities, even something as mundane-looking as this.  


I’ve come across a few mom/pregnancy blogs lately that answer the below questions week-to-week instead of writing long, sometimes rambling posts on how they’re feeling.  Since I made the above video for your enjoyment (entertainment?) I thought I’d try it out this time.  Let’s see how it goes!

How far along?  26 weeks.

Baby’s size:  Pelé is now the size of a head of lettuce, between 1.5-2.5 lbs.  Yep, I’m definitely feeling that.

Total weight gain: Ehrm, I really don’t know.  If I had to guess, I’d say probably around 20 lbs?  To put that in perspective, I only gained 24 lbs while pregnant with Bee.

Guys.  I have still have 3 months to go.

Maternity clothes?  Nothing but.  And you know what?  Thank God for maternity clothes.  I haven’t been able to fit in my “real” clothes for months now, and would be wandering the streets in WHOKNOWSWHAT otherwise.  Not that I go out much… but you know.  When I do make an appearance somewhere, I’m grateful to have a cute, slouchy, ruched something to wear.

Best moment this week:  Spending time with Bee and my husband over the weekend, being lazy, doing nothing in particular.  Just being together.  It’s so wonderful to get to have special time as a little family unit before this huge new arrival.  Special moments happen when you least expect it, like Bee saying, “I yuv ooh, mummy,” unprompted for the first time.  *heartexplodes*

Miss Anything?  Boooooooooooooooze.  DAMN YOU, WORLD CUP FEVER.

Movement:  Um, all of it.  In the world.  Especially at night when I’m trying to sleep.  Oh.  Wait.  Sleep?  What’s that again?  Sounds vaguely familiar….

Food cravings:  I’ve actually been struggling to eat this past week; my stomach is so squashed I’ve have to force myself to choke down a meal.  So other than the odd bagel and croissant (which hasn’t changed since conception), no weird cravings.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Most food.  And toothpaste.  Brushing my teeth is the GROSSEST.  Did you guys know how gross brushing your teeth actually is??  Bee is at the age now where we’re supposed to incorporate it into her routine.  Though I feel she can sense that I’m faking it when I smile happily at her as we do our nightly brush together.  She looks at me like, “hmmmm… mummy doesn’t seem to pleased about this whole process, so why should I…?”

Gender:  As far as I know, Pelé is still a boy!

Symptoms:  Occasional nausea; insomnia; being annoyed at my thighs rubbing together, especially at night when I’m tossing and turning and not sleeping (what, your thighs don’t rub together when you’re in bed?  I hate you.); crazy baby movement; weird dreams usually involving emergency c-sections (yikes); spontaneous crying over the thought I didn’t give Bee enough protein at breakfast (….?).

Belly Button in or out?  Why is this a question people need answered?  No one wants to know what my 34-year old pregnant belly looks like.  I plead the Fifth.

Looking forward to:  The July long weekend!  We’re headed north to the in-laws for some much needed R&R.  It’ll also be the first time Bee has been in the pool as a fully-aware human being!  Last summer didn’t count since she was still technically an infant who we could put anywhere and she’d be happy.

We really don’t know how she’s going to react to the water; she totally loves bath time, but haaaAAAATES having her hair washed.  Swimming in a pool is sort of half fun bath, half hair washing (in my mind, anyway), so we’ll see how it goes!

Other Fun Things to Note:  

In general, I’m doing pretty good!  Yes, I often moan about the stretching and the kicking and the lack of sleeping… but there have been a lot of lovely moments lately, too.

Bee is all over the belly these days!  She always wants me to lift my shirt so she can say “hi!” to the baby, and when I’m in climbing reach of her she is on top of me in the blink of an eye, squishing her face deep into my gut, whispering and singing sweet songs to her brother.  If I’m ever feeling low or blah, all it takes is one of those moments to turn my mood around.

And my husband.  My dear, sweet Hubs.  The bigger I get, the more he’s connecting with his little boy, which just EXPLODES my already exploding heart.  At the end of a long day, we lay on the couch watching TV with our hands on the belly, half watching the screen, half watching Pelé squirming away.  We talk about how amazing it is that we are where we are in our lives and that we’re so excited to soon have TWO kids… which, believe it or not, hasn’t quite sunk in yet.  I don’t know what that’s going to happen, but I’m hoping when it does, it doesn’t turn my happiness into total and utter, complete freakout mode.  I’ve heard that can happen.  So, I’ll be watching and waiting for it, and will hopefully be able to squash the scared feelings before they crawl in too far…..

Ask A Mama Monday with Kat Inokai!

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Here she is, guys!

My first Mama for #ASKAMAMA Monday, the illustrious KAT INOKAI!

Kat is a creative director, producer, and mom. Sometimes she pretends she has her own reality show.  Balancing a business, a split marriage, a 4 year old, a new relationship and pregnancy will do that to you.

She runs Spin the Idea Ltd. —a boutique digital PR and branding firm; writes her own little blog (; and is a featured blogger with whose articles have appeared in the Huffington Post.

Her YMC blog Trying Times is all about her most private life: hardships with loss and miscarriage, fertility clinics, the separation from her husband, adventures in co-parenting, and being single all over again. It’s about staying real and raw, while grappling with personal ambition and passion projects through the lens of mummyhood. If it puts Kat outside of her comfort zone, and in touch with staying vulnerable, learning, self-discovery and connecting with others — it’s fair game.

Some people think Kat is nuts to put all this out in the public domain, and maybe she is.

Lucky for you!


She has no problems offering ‘totally non-expert but completely impassioned’ advice about sex, relationships, pregnancy, parenting, intestinal health (she has Crohn’s), trying to conceive and other fertility issues, body image, women’s rights, business management, branding and social media, conspiracy theories (especially PANTS), maternity style, and comic books that have been adapted to film. Oh. And food.
Always the food.

So go ahead. Shoot!

Here are some ways you can ask Kat a question:

  1. Post it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #ASKAMAMA
  2. Leave what’s on your mind in the comment section of this post
  3. Head to my Facebook page and either drop me a private message or post the question on my wall
  4. Shoot me an email at
  5. Fill out the trusty ol’ question form at the bottom of the page
  6. And of course, if you’re a follower of Kat, feel free to send her your questions directly!  Her social media links are:

Twitter & Instagram:  @bumpandhustle

So there you have it!  Fire those questions away,
and tune in Monday for the very first Ask A Mama Monday vlog!