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Ask A Mama Monday with Kat Inokai!

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Here she is, guys!

My first Mama for #ASKAMAMA Monday, the illustrious KAT INOKAI!

Kat is a creative director, producer, and mom. Sometimes she pretends she has her own reality show.  Balancing a business, a split marriage, a 4 year old, a new relationship and pregnancy will do that to you.

She runs Spin the Idea Ltd. —a boutique digital PR and branding firm; writes her own little blog (; and is a featured blogger with whose articles have appeared in the Huffington Post.

Her YMC blog Trying Times is all about her most private life: hardships with loss and miscarriage, fertility clinics, the separation from her husband, adventures in co-parenting, and being single all over again. It’s about staying real and raw, while grappling with personal ambition and passion projects through the lens of mummyhood. If it puts Kat outside of her comfort zone, and in touch with staying vulnerable, learning, self-discovery and connecting with others — it’s fair game.

Some people think Kat is nuts to put all this out in the public domain, and maybe she is.

Lucky for you!


She has no problems offering ‘totally non-expert but completely impassioned’ advice about sex, relationships, pregnancy, parenting, intestinal health (she has Crohn’s), trying to conceive and other fertility issues, body image, women’s rights, business management, branding and social media, conspiracy theories (especially PANTS), maternity style, and comic books that have been adapted to film. Oh. And food.
Always the food.

So go ahead. Shoot!

Here are some ways you can ask Kat a question:

  1. Post it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #ASKAMAMA
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  6. And of course, if you’re a follower of Kat, feel free to send her your questions directly!  Her social media links are:

Twitter & Instagram:  @bumpandhustle

So there you have it!  Fire those questions away,
and tune in Monday for the very first Ask A Mama Monday vlog!  


Growth Spurtin’: 18 Weeks Pregnant

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April 23, 2014

I’ve popped, guys.  Properly popped.

My belly, overnight it seems, is now round and protruding from the tops of my sweats and the bottoms of my shirts.  I am officiallyofficially in maternity wear exclusively, everything from top to bottom (with the exception of my beloved Coobie, of course).

Though, I admit, I wish I was better at maternity fashion.  I really wish I knew more about it, and could be a cute, sunny, stylish pregnant chick-about-town, looking like this:

10-pregnant-celebrities-maternity-style-trends-12“Oh, hi!  Yes, I always look this cute and stylish!  My bump deserves it! And as for wearing heels?  A breeze!  Isn’t pregnancy the best?!  MWAH!” 


Instead, I look like a card carrying Pregnancy Chapter member of the #HaggardMomsClub (I’m not going to put up a picture of an exhausted-looking, broke-down Mama to compare myself with on this point.  That’s just below the belt).


Wardrobe aside, the way I carry myself has changed, too.  I have to watch myself going around corners and can’t quite get as close to a counter as I could before.

Oh, and my ass has popped, too.  Double Sigh.

My lower back is now drawn in to the centre of my body, like it’s cinched at the waist, so my ass is perpetually sticking out, kind of like it “won’t quit”.

Reference:  Homer Simpson once wrote a letter to Marge telling her she’s got a butt that won’t quit.  I imagine this as meaning a big, beautifully rounded, popped, booty-ass – not that mine looks in any way sexy like a proper popped, booty-ass should, which is why I say it “kind of” looks like it won’t quit.  I am definitely not saying that it for sure “won’t quit”.  Really.  Because, guys, it just looks like a big, pregnant, wobbly, stuck-out ass…..



But!  The ass-popping is a byproduct of pregnancy, and this being my second time around I care a whole lot less than the first about ass-to-rest of the body proportions, knowing full well that everything will… deflate, shortly after baby arrives.

At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.

It’s actually pretty amazing how little I care about all the weight I’m putting on with this pregnancy, and how quickly it’s all happening – I only gained 24 pounds with Bee, so if I’m to gain more this time around, so be it!  I will expand happily.

It is, after all, designed to keep both me and the baby doing what we’re supposed to be doing, right?  Me: consuming enough to keep baby: growing big and strong!

And it’s not just me going through a spurt, I can feel  this baby getting bigger – and stronger – every minute of the day.  The kicking and the punching and the tumbling around in there has reached an acrobatic level, leaving me thrilled that I’ve reached this point, but also occasionally uncomfortable in the bladder department.

We can even feel the kicks on the outside, at just 18 weeks!  Bee was a roller and a wiggler, she didn’t do much actual kicking or punching and we didn’t get to feel her moving around until I was about 22-23 weeks along.  So it was a surprise, and my husband’s utter delight, that he could feel this wee one so soon!

This gets me thinking though… if I can feel him/her this strongly this early on… if this baby is already thrashing around at this early a stage, imagine how crazy things are going to get as he/she gets bigger.  And bigger.  AND BIGGER.

With pointy limbs and sharp little feet and punchy fists… oh, God.

baby-kick3[1]I giggled when I saw this cartoon because, how cute!  Ninja baby!
Then imagined the next 4 months.  And immediately, it wasn’t so funny anymore

We’re working on nicknames for this one – since I don’t use Bee’s real name, I’m not planning on using his/hers.  It’ll all depend on the gender really, which…. DRUMROLL… we find out at the anatomy scan next Thursday!!

Honestly, I have to say that I’m leaning towards it being a boy, only because my cravings are SO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from what they were with Bee.  Not that there’s any scientific merit to cravings relating to gender, but with Bee, I wanted the darkest chocolate.  And the freshest fruit.  And the Greekiest of yogurt.  And anything and everything that was healthy and wonderful and abundant with the seasons, and that would make Jamie Oliver proud!

Now?  It’s the savoury that I want.  The umami.  And unfortunately, the junk.  Give me Kraft Dinner and Vegemite and packets of chicken bouillon.  All day, every day.  I know I mentioned in the 14 Week update that my appetite was regulating and that I’m no longer eating like a teenaged boy.  This is still true!  I am eating as healthy as possible… meaning:  I’m not consuming as much crap as I would like to.  But I’m still craving it, guys.  Oh, yeah.  Big time.

First pregnancy:  sweet, fresh, healthy yumminess.
Second pregnancy:  savoury, and the back of the pantry emergency food items that would survive a nuclear explosion.

Which is why my official guess is BOY.

So, the 20-week update will be the Big Reveal and I am SO excited for it!  But, seeing as how I am monumentally behind on getting these posts up on the dates they actually fall, this means you will most likely be finding out around the 21-week mark.  Don’t hate me, guys!  I’m just catching up on so many things on the home front, plus I’ve been doing some temp work during the days… so my time hasn’t been as leisurely as it was before.

In the meantime, because it’s been ages since I’ve posted one – and also, why not – here’s a .gif of my Benny, looking all charming and laughing at one of my jokes.

Because, you know, we’re tight like that.