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#ASKAMAMA {Mondays} with Trisha Hughes: Part 1

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I know it’s technically a Tuesday, today.  But, guys…

This one was epic!

Trisha Hughes, from Eat Your Beets, has been on my “WANT” list of Mamas to ask for this series since I started it.  Thankfully the stars aligned, and we were able to make it happen for this episode!

The one thing neither of us was expecting, was just how long we’d end up talking for!  I recorded nearly 2 hours of interview footage, and decided instead of butchering it to high heaven for one episode – there is a lot of great material – I’d break it into two!

In part 1 we discuss how Trisha and her family came to discover the Paleo/Primal lifestyle, her upcoming events {a hands-on photography workshop & panelling a discussion group at the Alt Summit}, and her crazy experience with being put on the Instagram Suggested Users list.  And in part 2, which will be up next week, we get into the questions you guys submitted for Trisha.

As I did with the previous episode with Bria Evenson, the podcasts will be the longer, unedited versions of the interview.

You can link to the podcast for part 1 on my iTunes channel HERE.  And while you’re there, don’t forget to subscribe (*wink*)



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