Hey, guys!  Welcome to my Pregnancy Page!  Fun times!

Here you’ll find a one-stop shop for the links to my bi-weekly pregnancy posts I’ve done, and will continue to do over the next several months.

It’s a work in progress, so be sure to check back every once in a while to see what’s new!



A Big Fat Positive Thing: 4 Weeks Pregnant

Like Clockwork: 6 Weeks Pregnant

The Big Reveals: 8 Weeks Pregnant

Shorty’s Got Low, Low, Low, Low (Blood Pressure): 10 Weeks Pregnant

Hey There, Baby: 12 Weeks Pregnant

You Leave Me Breathless:  14 Weeks Pregnant

Spring Cleaning & Debunking:  16 Weeks Pregnant

Growth Spurtin’:  18 Weeks Pregnant

The Big Reveal, Sweet & Simple:  20 Weeks Pregnant

Just Call Me Stretch:  22 Weeks Pregnant

Not The Ideal Position To Be In:  24 Weeks Pregnant

Turn Baby, Turn:  26 Weeks Pregnant

Great News & UGH! News:  28 Weeks Pregnant (vlog)

And So The Nesting Begins:  30 Weeks Pregnant (vlog)

Can He Get Much Bigger?:  32 Weeks Pregnant  (vlog)

Close(r) to the End?:  34 Weeks Pregnant (vlog)



There’s a First Time for Everything

Transitioning & Clearing Things Up

#PoppedCulture Presents: How Far Would You Go for a Pregnancy Craving? (vlog)

Bee’s Labour & Deliver Story

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