Introducing Trisha Hughes for #ASKAMAMA Mondays

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I’m thrilled to introduce the next Mama in the #ASKAMAMA series, food blogger and photographer TRISHA HUGHES!

Trisha authors the blog, Eat Your Beets, where she gets to share her favourite gluten-free, Paleo influenced recipes and her passion for food photography. She also gets to share this passion through her ebook, Eat Pretty Things, a complete how-to guide for people looking to step up their food photography game, and learn how to shoot and style beautiful food of their own.

She loves building her community on Instagram, where she posts real food inspiration and snippets from her daily life, along with occasionally sharing her ways of simplifying life through minimalist fashion.

I’m so excited that Trisha is the next mama on #ASKAMAMA Mondays, and to have her answering your questions!

Now, let’s get started!

If you have a question for Trisha, anything related to food photography or queries on Paleo or gluten-free recipes, or even just how to keep up with a large family of your own – did I mention she has FOUR kids?! – then shoot me an email at, post it on social media along with the hashtag #ASKAMAMA, or head on over to my blog, and fill out the online form.

You can also contact Trisha directly:

Instagram: @goeatyourbeets

Deadline for submissions will be Wednesday, May 13, 2015. So let’s get those questions coming!

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