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Oh, this was such fun to do.

I’d been seeing the Mother Daughter Tag pop up on YouTube and some other blogs I’d stumbled across, and thought that I absolutely had to get my mom on board to shoot our own!

My mother is a classy lady. But also can take the Mick out of anyone in the room. She’s quick and witty and silly and I knew we’d have a blast.

So naturally when I asked, she said yes!

(We also ended up with a guest! Bubs decided his nap time was OVER, so he joined in for the final few questions!)

Here’s how this, or any other “tag” works:  A series of questions are posed, then each person has to guess what the other’s answer would be.

Easy! And as you can imagine, there’s lots of potential for hilarity.

There are a few different versions of the tag out there, but here are the questions we used:

  • What is my favorite colour?
  • What is my favorite flower?
  • How tall am I?
  • How old am I?
  • Where did I meet my husband?
  • How old was I when I had my ears pierced?
  • If I was an animal, which animal would I be & why?
  • Is my bed currently made or unmade?

Below is the finished product!

We really did have some good laughs while making it! I think the chemistry between moms and daughters are all so special and unique, and seeing your own play out on screen is just so cool. To have this now – this brief moment in time together – saved for posterity, means so much.

And man, I just know it’ll get funnier as the years move on!

I’d highly recommend making your own!

And if you do what are some questions you’d pose to your mother or daughter?

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