For Five Glorious Minutes.

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For five glorious minutes this morning, my daughter let me hold her.

My daughter Bee, the busiest toddler I know, usually a blur of activity, always on the move, decided for five glorious minutes that she wanted to be held by her Mommy.

She crawled into my lap, snuggled up against my bump, and rested her soft head against my chest.

She let me wrap my arms around her and rock her slowly as Bob Dylan warbled in the background.

She let me inhale the gentle scent of her hair.  She let me hold her little hands.  Stroke her soft cheek.

And for five glorious minutes, it was just the two of us in the whole wide world.

I soaked them in, those five glorious minutes.  Moments like these are already few and far between, with her being oh, so busy.  But soon, when the baby comes, they will be even rarer still.

And so, for five glorious minutes, I melted into the couch with my daughter.  I felt her weight sinking into me as we disappeared into the sheer bliss of it all, lost in each other.

For Five Glorious Minutes, I’ve never felt more love.



One thought on “For Five Glorious Minutes.

    Mark said:
    August 21, 2014 at 1:02 pm

    Sweet, sweet, sweet. Sounds like heaven.

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