Introducing MADELEINE SOMERVILLE, the Next Mama for #ASKAMAMA Monday!

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I’m happy to announce author/blogger/Green Goddess Madeleine Somerville as the next Mama for #ASKAMAMA  Monday!!

Madeleine will be answering YOUR questions for 4 weeks, starting July 14! 

Madeleine is thirty years old and often finds herself wondering how in the world that happened exactly, especially considering she still has a baby tooth.

She once spent three terrifying minutes with a 200 lb albino python wrapped around her neck, and in 2009 her local paper ran an article shaming her for eating (and thoroughly enjoying) nachos from 7-11.

Madeleine lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her toddler daughter, her giant dog, and a demented (but ridiculously good-looking) husband. A decade living in BC transformed her into an unrepentant, tree-hugging hippie and she will freely admit to both using a Diva cup and using baking soda to wash her hair.

Her blog, Sweet Madeleine, has gained a large following thanks to it’s no-muss, no-fuss approach to eco-friendly endeavours, as well as her relatable, honest and humorous take on family life.

She has recently published her first book titled, “All You Need Is Less:The Eco-Friendly Guide to Guilt-Free Green Living and Stress-Free Simplicity”, which currently sits at number 17 in the top 100 Green Housecleaning books on, and is much enjoyed by her mother.

The official site for the book ( provides readers with access to reviews, resources, and a blog section where eco-friendly news, recipes, and articles are shared in Somerville’s trademark tongue-in-cheek style.


“What a great read! If you’re expecting a dry and technical enviro-guide, you’ll be disappointed; instead it’s a glimpse into the real life of the author and how she lives the green life with her family.”

“By far my favourite book of 2014. Madeleine is an incredibly witty and entertaining writer, and you will fly through this book regardless of how green you are!”

“I love the thought of being creative and frugal.  But often, it’s easier said than done. All You Need Is Less makes it easy though, and the author is hilarious as well as informative.”

“The personal anecdotes and examples from the author’s life add humour and whimsy and make you feel like you’re chatting with a friend.”

“Madeline Somerville is young, very funny, and concerned about doing things naturally to save the earth and to save the health of our families.”

“Health. Babies. Dogs. All gone green. And by the way, she’s hilarious. This isn’t just a list of green living concoctions and tips. There’s anecdotes from her own life. Struggles to get her husband to see her point of view. Struggles within herself at certain points. There wasn’t a page that I flipped where I wasn’t entertained.” – Femme Frugality

“Why I love Madeline: she. just. gets people! She writes in a way that is completely relateable, never condemning, and will make you laugh until you cry.” – Hands and Hearts More than Full

“I’ll get around to reading it after the playoffs” – Madeleine’s husband


Madeleine is thrilled to be participate in #ASKAMAMA Monday; giving advice is one of her top-three hobbies. She’s willing and ready answer anything and everything from providing easy tips & tricks about sustainable green-living, to wrangling your feisty toddler and/or dog, to living with a man who thinks that washing dishes means soaking them for three days in the sink.


The Deadline for Questions is FRIDAY, JULY 4.
The woman’s got to have time to film her answers, right?!

Here’s How to Send Them In:


  1. Post it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #ASKAMAMA
  2. Leave what’s on your mind in the comment section of this post
  3. Head to my Facebook page and either drop me a private message or post the question on my wall
  4. Shoot me an email at
  5. Fill out the trusty ol’ question form at the bottom of the page
  6. And of course, if you’re a follower of Madeleine, feel free to send her your questions directly!  Her social media links are:

Twitter & Instagram:  @MadeleineSix

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