Conversations With My Family: Mic Drop

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Scene:  Bee, hubs and  I are sitting at the dinner table.  Everyone is enjoying their meal, when….

Hubs: (picks up a pinch pot of salt and takes a whiff) You know, I’ve never really stopped to think about what salt smells like.

Me: …..reeeeeeeeeeeally? (grabbing my phone and pretending to Tweet the profound statement he’s just made)

Hubs:  Come on, seriously.  Think about it!  Salt doesn’t have an actual smell.

Me:  Go on…. (smirking while fake typing away)

Hubs:  Salt does not have a scent!  You can maybe smell the ocean, but really only if you add it to water and then it smells like salt water.

Me:  Mmmm-hmmmm! (tap, tap, tapping on the phone)

Bee has stopped eating and is intently watching the banter like a tennis match, back and forth between us, taking it all in.

Hubs:  You better not be Tweeting this!  You take a sniff and tell me what you smell.  Nothing!  It smells like…

Me:  (obliging) SALT!  It smells like salt!

Hubs:  Nope.  Wrong!  (turning to a thoughtful-looking Bee)  Bee, tell mommy that salt has no smell.

Bee:  *fart*

Hubs:  (pointing at me) Booya!

Bee: (mic dropping her fork on the floor) Booya.

Clearly siding with her father, I am outnumbered and humbly agree to disagree.

And through smiles, we finish our dinner in peace.


2 thoughts on “Conversations With My Family: Mic Drop

    Kat Inokai said:
    June 2, 2014 at 12:49 pm

    Love. Podcast material. All the way. xo 😉

      mamabethbarnes said:
      June 2, 2014 at 1:06 pm

      You name the date lady love, and I’m there. xoxo

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