My Weekstagram: April 27 – May 4

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I’m working on a few things for the blog which should be up by Wednesday – fingers crossed.  I haven’t always come through with these deadlines.

I think I need an editor, someone to give me hard deadlines and say things like, “now see here!  You gotta get these posts out because the public is counting on you, you hear??  No more dilly dallying, Barnes.  Barnes.  BARNES!  Are you listening to me??!?  Get outta my office and write,  write, WRITE!!!”

Or something of the sort.

Anywho, while I tidy this stuff up – and because I am apparently a “lazy blogger” (*coughsweetmadeleinecough*) – here’s how my world looked over the last 7 days through the lovely, lazy lens of Instagram!


This was technically taken on the 26th, but since it was from the morning my story aired on the Vinyl Cafe, I figured it was worth sneaking in!  We were lucky Bee went down for a nap at just the right time so we could enjoy the program in peace!  What an amazing experience, to hear Stuary McLean breathe life to my letter… a great achievement, to say the least.


Once she woke up from said nap, I felt giddy with joy, so decided to take and publish some rare face-on selfies.  Well, rare for Bee, that is.
I’m still very much of two minds about the whole “exposing my child’s image to the internet world” thing.  On the one hand, I understand as a “mom blogger” that I would probably build more of a connection with my audience if I posted more pictures of her and my husband, as well as used their real names.  Then on the other hand, I’ve always felt it’s important to keep some things private in order to maintain a bit of normalcy.
But who knows?  Maybe when Li’l Bee 2.0 arrives things will change, because Lord knows if I’ll be creative enough to come up with another nickname while running on zero sleep….


Bee has suddenly taken to showing interest in a new activity: helping me empty the dishwasher.
It’s so cute, she really loves it!  For the last couple of weeks, every time I open the dishwasher, even if it’s just to put a bowl or a mug in, suddenly she’s THERE!  At my side, immediately, offering to, “halp!  Halp Mummy!”
Which, I mean, I am totally on board with!   Help emptying the dishwasher?  YES, please.  Another dreaded chore, one that only takes minutes, is now a fun activity that we can do together.
I just have to remember to keep the knives pointed DOWN.  Gulp.


This is a teaser of something to come.
You guys are smart cookies, I’m sure you know what it’s all about.
Saying goodbye can be so sweet… right?


Another new thing Bee does – I feel like there are so many new things these days – is shlurp the milk from her cereal bowl.  This is something she did not learn from us, I’m guessing she picked it up from watching her friends at daycare.
It’s moments like this when I’m grateful to have these heavy duty bibs on hand, they catch the milk that misses her mouth.
Which is pretty much all of it.


Bee went to bed last Wednesday night with a fever – it seemed to come on super fast, which is always the scariest, especially since she didn’t show any other symptoms… she was just limp and grumpy and weak and glassy-eyed.  UGH.
Isn’t it just the worst when they’re sick?
We kept her home the rest of the week to let her recover; we read books and ate grapes and drank (diluted) apple juice and snuggled and snuggled and snuggled until she was better again.
It was awful, seeing her sick.  But wonderful, being so close.


On Thursday we had our anatomy scan, which is done around the half-way mark of the pregnancy.  I’ll be 20 weeks, half-way, on Wednesday.  Which… is crazy.  RIGHT!?  I feel like that’s completely nuts!  Time is going by so fast!
Everything came back peachy keen with the scan, and the gender was confirmed!  That will be revealed in the next few days 🙂
While I was waiting for the results I took a trip to the teeny food court under the hospital, where my pregnant-self was pleased to find a Manchu Wok!  MMMmmmmmm…. greasy preggo-friendly noodles……

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I decided to participate in Yummy Mummy Club’s #YMCPhotoADay challenge for May!
May 1st’s challenge was “what’s in your bag” – while I was inhaling the noodles in the waiting room, I came across a few of Bee’s toys, in my bag.  Day 1 – success!!


On Friday I left Bee decide what we were having for dinner.
I’m sure if I actually left it up to her we’d have plain pasta, bread and blueberries every night.
I wouldn’t say she’s a “picky” eater, but she definitely has her moments – those days she gobbles down a whole serving of baked salmon though, I swear I couldn’t be a happier Mama!
(We wound up having the baked risotto, spinach and 
parmesan cakes from this amazing cookbook, How To Feed A Family. I – WE – would highly recommend it!)


Can I get a WHATWHAT for #yolkporn??
I mean, seriously.  How can you be a human being and not love a good, runny yolk??
Bee is a huge fan, her favourite food these days is a soft-boiled egg with soldiers.
And smoked salmon!  DROOL!   I know, there are some sites and doctors who would say a pregnant woman should stay away from raw or smoked fish… but my cravings for those particular foods are so strong, how can they be bad for me?  I’m sorry, but I’m going to trust my gut over a faceless, nameless “source”, thankyouverymuch.

And in turn, my gut is going to enjoy gorgeous meals like this.


I missed a couple of days of the challenge, but once Bee started proudly sticking her coveted bear stickers all over herself, and inevitably me, I couldn’t let #art slip by.
The girl loves to colour, we bought her an art easel, which is where she spends most of her playtime.  I could have taken a photo of one of her Crayola creations, but this was something different, and special, I think.
I’m such a proud Mama.


My husband was given two box tickets to game 7, Raptors against the Brooklyn Nets.  It was an historic game for the franchise, potentially taking them to the quarter finals….


 Guys, I have never been more emotionally involved in a sporting event in my LIFE.
Those last 16 seconds lasted an epic and sweat-inducing 10 minutes.
The ball was in our favour.  We could have had it….
At least we got to take home our t-shirts.


The game was at the Air Canada Centre.
Peek-a-boo, uncle Charlie!

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