Transitioning & Clearing Things Up

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*Check out my vlog below where I clear up a bit of confusion about the whole “being pregnant” thing!


Transitioning:  that’s daycare lingo for when a baby moves from the infant to the toddler room.  It’s basically a graduation.

Today is Bee’s first day of Transitioning, which means this morning she’ll spend 2 hours in the new Big Kid room before I pick her up and take her back to the infant room for the rest of the day.  And tomorrow she will split her day equally between the two rooms and then Monday, she starts full time.

Officially a Toddler.

Oh my God.  How is that even possible?  Bee graduating anything?!  I’m still nursing her, for Pete’s sake!

See, the thing with this new toddler “room”, is that it’s actually a whole other building about three blocks from the infant daycare.  So on our walk to school this morning, Bee got quiet about half way there when she realized we weren’t going in the normal direction.  She could smell something in the air, something was different.  Then we arrived, and as I expected, she cried.  Scared cries.  As I pulled off her boots and unstuffed her from her snowsuit, she wrenched her head around, eyes glistening with tears, mouth snivelling and downturned as if to say, “Mummy, please!  Please don’t leave me!  Pleeeeease!!”


I remained smiley and spoke with a happy voice as a small swarm of curious little kids surrounded us, half with snot slugs trailing down their face (ugh, another round of viruses to deal with!).   A couple of them were just recently in her infant program and only made the transition themselves a month or two ago, so I’m hoping that she’ll start to recognize them and things won’t be so tough on her….

I just got home from dropping her off and my heart and head are swirling with all sorts of emotions and worries, “I hate being the parent that has to leave her!”

“She’s old enough now to know that I’ve left… does she know that I am going to come back?”

“Will she recognize her old friends?”

“Is she going to fit in?”

“I hope she isn’t overwhelmed being the littlest there….”

… these are all the same worries I had five months ago when I walked Bee through the front door of her very first day in daycare, just a little less amplified, I guess.

The difference this time is… I know in my heart that ultimately, no matter what happens to her there, whatever little bumps or bruises, conflicts or struggles may happen, she will be fine.

More than fine.

If my husband and I have learned one thing over these last few months is that Bee is a strong, social, adaptable little girl.    She makes friends so easily and loves nothing more than to be around other little ones, playing and laughing and making the most of her day.  The amount she’s learned since November is… staggering.  Truly.  She has grown in so many ways, much more than if she were to have not gone to daycare.  It has without a doubt been the greatest thing we’ve ever done for her.  And though I spent weeks feeling guilty about going back to work and “leaving her”, it was, in the end, for the very best.

My anxiety will fade quickly this time, I know it.  In fact, I just received a lovely call from one of her teachers updating me on her progress (you can watch the call in the vlog below).

It’s all just another step in Bee’s development, in the Creation of Her.  How many more to go?  How many more transitions?  Graduations?  Friends?  Lessons learned?

… talk about staggering.

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