My Weekstagram (a.k.a. My Week on Instagram) – March 16 – 23

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*This is my third attempt over three days to get this post out.  The previous two times I lost my wifi connection and each draft along with it.  Sigh.  Hope this one makes it!

Because I received such a positive response after last week’s Weekstagram post, I thought I’d do another one.

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This past week has been… revealing, to say the least.  If you haven’t been caught up on the blog in a few days, you’ll soon understand.

Aside from the big news, the last seven days were spent doing little happy dances whenever the temperature would hover above the freezing mark and feeling like spring was finally here… which was then almost immediately followed by a massive cold blast and the brutal realization that winter was not, in fact, done clutching us in her cold, dying grip after all.  This threatened to send me into a spiral of madness and crazy street-muttering, but by the hand of some caring deity I was saved by a completely unexpected Twitter response from… okay, I’m not givin’ it up yet.  Read on to find out who the mysterious Life Saver was!


Sigh.  I am so ready to put these beasts away, guys.  Peeps living in the Polar Vortex: are you with me?!
Last Monday I stood in the hallway glaring at my dirty Sorels, questioning how it is that I still haven’t been able to convince my husband to move somewhere that’s sunny and tropical all year ’round, and wanting to be rid of them forever.


Wednesday brought one of those nice(r) days, and also… A ROBIN!
You know what that means, right?!  Spring!
Bee was first to see it on our walk home from school, “booodie!  Boodie, mummy!”  I squealed with excitement, took out my phone and started snapping away as Bee looked on with confusion.  I tried to explain the significance of her spot, but she toddled off as I wistfully rambled about jacket-less days ahead and finally breaking out my TOMS… *sigh*.
When she’s a Mama, many years from now, pushing her child to school in a stroller over miles of unshovelled sidewalks, through mountainous snowbanks and arctic, gale-force winds, barely able to see through the slit between her toque and heavy scarf… then she’ll understand.


I am an unapologetic Martha Stewart lover.  Please do not bother trying to get into a debate with me about her business ethics or how she is a cold-hearted dragon woman because I will always love her and do not want to HEAR IT.
The day her magazine arrives at my door each month is cause for a mini-celebration – I hand Bee off to my husband and spend hours poring over the colourful pages, recipe ideas and crafting projects.  I daydream about living in one of Martha’s many houses with it’s collections of earthenware bowls and antique rolling pins, Pinterest worthy gardens and pristinely kept chicken coops.
Oh, Martha.  I think we would be the best of friends.
SO.  Imagine how I felt when, after Instagramming and Tweeting this picture – tagging Martha, of course! – I received this:


*Okay.  I am fully aware it was most likely one of an army of interns who made the Tweet.  But… come on.  Can’t a Martha Stewart-obsessedloving woman DREAM, people?!  Can’t I have just that??!


Bee decided to celebrate the official first day of spring by waking up at 5am.
The girl was excited, what can I say.
Clearly she was more pleased with this situation than I – I don’t think I could have flared my nostrils in displeasure any wider.

Is this a phase?  Please, parents.  Tell me that she will soon start sleeping later than 5am.  


I suppose Bee’s enthusiasm rubbed off on me, because before heading off on an outing I decided to spend a few minutes and actually DO MY HAIR.  Like, style it and use hair product and everything!  Something that hasn’t happened in months, guys.  It’s been a pretty lazy time over here.  I’m not a hair-doing girl, one who gets up and does it every morning – it’s never been a part of my routine, which I think is why it makes me feel just that more special when I do do it!  Last Thursday definitely called for it, and as I sashayed down the street I can honestly say, I felt like a million bucks.

Processed with VSCOcam with b3 preset

Saturday brought a big reveal here on I Am The Mama Mantra:
I’m pregnant!
It’s been hard keeping you all in the dark and it feels real good to finally get it out there.
I hope you follow along this crazy journey with me over the coming months as I blog about the ups and downs of being pregnant with a toddler!  It should be a fun time, if only to see what weird foods I crave next….
(Today it was salsa.  Just salsa.  No chips, no crackers.  Nothing else.  Only salsa.)

That same day I dug out my Bellabands.
Mamas who have used them, or pregnant ladies who are currently rocking one, you know what I’m talking about when I say, “Aaaaaaaaahhh…..”

To keep up with me on a daily basis, feel free to connect with my via one of my social media profiles – you can follow the links at the top of the page!  

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