Happy Chinese New Year (tomorrow)!

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Chinese New Year

Are you ready for it?  Is your house clean?  Do you have new pj’s and a new outfit for tomorrow ready to go?  Stocked up on chicken?

In case you’re not familiar with the traditions surrounding Chinese New Year, here’s a Coles Notes version of some of what’s going to go down tonight and tomorrow in billions of households around the globe:

  • Clean the entire house before New Year’s Eve – it’s considered bad luck to do it on New Year’s Day as you will clean all the good luck out of the house.
  • Shower, wash your hair and wear new pj’s New Year’s Eve.
  • Always eat chicken New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day – chicken is believed to be good luck.
  • Hold a big New Year’s Eve dinner with your family – everyone congregates and enjoys the final meal of the year together.
  • Everyone goes to everyone else’s house to give out lucky money in the red pockets.
  • On New Year’s Day you have to wear a brand new outfit – top to bottom, including socks, shoes and underwear.
  • The colour RED – Red is super-duper good luck.  Wear it, put red things everywhere in your house.  Red, red, RED.

*NOTE: One of my best friends is Chinese – she provided me with this list. So V, thank you!

(Check out the Wikipedia page for Chinese New Year for a much more comprehensive lesson on the holiday)

If I celebrated Chinese New Year, I think the most exciting part would be the red pockets.  Those delicate, wafer-thin envelopes that get exchanged at holidays and special events.  Who doesn’t  love money, especially when it’s lucky!

The exact date of Chinese New Year changes every year – it’s determined by the lunisolar cycle (based on exact astronomical observations of the sun’s longitude and moon phases).  It can fall anywhere from January 21st to sometimes into March.  This year it falls tomorrow, January 31st.

2014 is the Year of the Horse which, according to some astrologers, is generally going to be a bumpy one full of tension and conflict and… volcanoes!  GULP!  (Click HERE for a brief synopsis) And, like any other astrological chart, the outlook for your particular year depends on whatever Chinese astrological sign you were born under.

Do you guys know what your Chinese astrological sign is? Because that’s something that’s always confused me: what my sign really is.

I was born January 3, 1980, so my birthday has always fallen before the Chinese New Year… does that technically make me born in the year before the New Year?  Born January 3, 19… 79? Meaning, whatever the animal sign is of the new year, am I actually the animal from the previous year??

Depending on which “What’s Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?” site I reference – some saying I come before the new year and others after (who is regulating these sites?!) – I’m either a Sheep (sometimes labelled a Goat or a Ram), or a Pig.

Not that I necessarily believe in astrology, but – you know those days when you just wish you knew what your future held?  On those days, I like to be able to use those 5 minutes usually spent daydreaming wistfully and read up on what “the universe” has to say about it all. But since I’ve never been given a clear answer as to what my sign is, I’m either really happy with what I read, really worried/sad, or just f*cking confused!

From what I came across today though, I think I would prefer to be a Sheep this year.  It seems 2014 is going to be quite the Year for the Sheep peeps!  How lucky for me!!

This 2014 will be the best year for the Sheep in a long, long time. If before they felt that the world was against them, then this is the year they will finally feel like they are on top of the world. The Sheep will also be able to speak his or her mind easier than previous times. This will let others understand them more and they will easily get along with whoever they are with. Take advantage of this very momentous year because it might take a while before another year like this comes along. It truly is the best time to be a bearer of the Sheep sign. Source: Senn Chinese Astrology, Chinese zodiac & Japanese divination

… Or not.  Because it’s looking pretty shady for the poor Pig people of this earth.

This 2014, the Pig sign bearers should take real care of all the decisions they make. They will have an ordinary year at best and it can be a bit challenging. They should avoid taking big risks in everything they do because they might end up regretting the decision they made in the first place. So, it is safe to just keep distance from big risks. By doing this, they will allow themselves to stay afloat this 2014. There might not be a lot to look forward to this 2014, but that does not mean that they have an excuse to slack off.  Source: Senn Chinese Astrology, Chinese zodiac & Japanese divination

Stay afloat?!  I don’t want to just “stay afloat” this year!  I want to thrive!  To flourish!  I want to bust down barriers and shout from the rooftops and accomplish things beyond my wildest dreams!!   An “ordinary year”?  Ugh.

But guys, truth be told, sometimes I think I’m more of a believer in creating your own destiny.  Sure, sometimes I feel like there could be a greater force out there, nudging me in certain directions.  But does it all depend on the day/month/year/minute/symbol/animal you’re born to? Possibly.  Maybe. I’ll never know for sure, though.  The universe is a mysterious place, where quite literally anything is possible.

And if you are a firm believer in astrology and know a thing or two about it, maybe you’ll help a sister out and tell me what my true Chinese sign is??  I’d like to clear this whole kerfuffle up and would, regardless of the accuracy, like to know which direction I’m going in this year.

You know.  Just in case.

Gong Hei Fat Choi!

One thought on “Happy Chinese New Year (tomorrow)!

    feedmedearly said:
    February 12, 2014 at 1:48 pm

    If our winter is any indication, the year of the horse is doing exactly as predicted. Gong Hei Fat Choi to you too!

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