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Just as we’re heading into our regular “back to work/school” routine, I get struck down by a vile head/chest/body/soul cold. Thankfully, neither Bee nor hubs have shown any signs of it, fingers crossed it keeps away from them.

Such shite timing, too – all I want is to stay home in my PJ’s, sip ginger tea in bed and feel sorry for myself, but instead must get back to the daily grind along with millions of other people, also suffering the traditional Holiday Letdown January tends to bring.


I’ve also had zero energy or motivation to do what has turned into my bi-weekly Top 5 Good Things list.  When you’re feeling like death it’s hard to find the good in anything.

It IS coming though, I promise.  I said in November that I would do 4 weeks of it, and by gosh, come hell or high water, I WILL DO IT.  Eventually.  I’ve decided that 2014 will be about following-through… once I’m better, of course.

But because my brain is foggy with aches, snot and meds, I’m not feeling very much like writing, either.

So I will leave you here, leave you to get back into your own grind this icy Monday afternoon.

Hopefully it’s less congested than mine.


2 thoughts on “Yuck.

    sweetmadeleine said:
    January 6, 2014 at 4:52 pm

    Hope you feel better soon, Beth! Have you tried a Neti pot? I love them when I’m feeling snotty.
    P.S. don’t die out there in the TWO INCHES (what?!) of ice

      mamabethbarnes said:
      January 6, 2014 at 5:42 pm

      Thanks, I hope so too! This is one is a doozy. I’ve heard of this Neti pot business, but haven’t tried it only because my sister in law once told me that you can get larvae in your brain if you don’t use it correctly… I highly doubt this to be true, however it’s stuck with me. And the last thing I, or anyone needs, in my opinion, is brain larvae on top of a bad cold!

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