Top 5 Good Things: Week Two!

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Okay, for all you savvy readers out there, it is technically week three, but it’s been a rough few days over here:  Li’l Bee had a bad (and very disgusting) stomach bug that left no corner of our house un-puked on, I had board meetings and Christmas luncheons at work, last minute shopping and packing to do before heading north, and SO MUCH eating and drinking and eating….

Plus, it’s the holidays.  And I’ve been a bit lazy.

But guys, I’m failing to mention the real reason I’m late getting this post up.

I ramble.

There was close to AN HOUR of footage of me rambling that I had to sift through and piece together in order to make this video under 10 minutes, which is also why the editing is a bit choppy.  My iMovie cutting and trimming abilities clearly need a bit more work.

So my challenge to myself is to do a ONE TAKE video for next week… or this week.  Whenever I get around to it.  Like I said, I’ve been lazy.  But as I mentioned, we’re heading north to the in-law’s for Christmas where there will be a slew of round the clock on-hand babysitters, so I can write and vlog and edit.  I’m hoping it will be a very productive week!

For now, enjoy this Top 5 Good Things List!

(Oh, and here’s the link to Deuter Kid Comfort III)


What were your Top 5 Experiences from the last year?

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