#ThrowbackThursday: Li’l Bee.

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When I started the blog, I decided not to post pictures of Li’l Bee’s face or use her real name.  I felt, out of respect to her as a person, I would wait until she was old enough to say to me, “don’t be a dork, Ma.  Totes post my pic, yo,”… or something to that degree.  That’s how kids talk, right?

Now, please note that I do not have an issue with people who do post their kids online; people are entitled to do whatever the hell they want and I am not one to judge.  In fact, I love looking at photos of my friend’s kids, especially those I’m not able to see often who live abroad (I’m lookin’ at you, Hot Stuff).

But… while thinking about what to do for #tbt this week – since it’s been a few since I’ve posted one – I couldn’t help but scroll aaaaaall the way back through my phone to the day after she was born, and pull out this little gem.

helloGets me every time.  Her wrinkly, old lady hands.  The full head of hair.  And the chin!  Who she got that dimple from is still a mystery to us. 

I figure, she’s so teeny and little and brand new… and she doesn’t really look like that anymore!  So, therefore, totally okay to post and not feel guilty about it.

So, yeah.  That’s her.

Everyone, that’s my baby.

My Li’l Bee, at less than one day old.  Already ready to conquer the world.

Well, at least my heart.

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