Soup & Sammiches.

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My husband gallantly offered to make lunch today.

The following is a small selection of things overheard from the kitchen while he did:


“Crap, only two slices of Kraft Singles left…” (Ponders in front of open fridge) “… well, you guys can have the real stuff.  The fake stuff is the better stuff, and I’m making lunch, so….”


“Oh, yeah.  We were supposed to have soup, too.  What have we got?”  (Examining the contents of the pantry) “Chicken noodle.  Boring.  Vegetable?!  Why the heck would anyone..(inaudible muttering)…  Chicken Gumbo!  That sounds exciting!  Wait…” (Calls from kitchen) “… what’s a Gumbo?”


“I can’t figure out how to use this can opener… ”
(Minutes later) “… oh, okay.  Yep.  Got it.”


“Uh, oh.”  (Sounds of a spatula scraping the skillet.  Under breath) “um, okay.”  (Calls from kitchen) “It’s okay!  It’s a bit… burny.  Li’l Bee likes that, right?”  (Again, under breath) “she can have this one.”


And finally, the finished product:


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    Gumbo Soup | At Home Cooking Today said:
    December 10, 2013 at 5:49 pm

    […] Soup & Sammiches. […]

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