Social Common does The Holidays!

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It was snowing.  The first real snow of the year –  just softly, but enough to cover the twinkling lights that illuminated the front of the house, casting a glow that made my heart flutter.


Suddenly, it was Christmas.

It was the only house on the block with it’s lights up, which gave it the appearance of being even grander than it already was.  I stood outside admiring the sight, basking in the warm, tingly feeling this time of year gives me.  Two women teetered past in their heels, clinging to each other as they tried not to slip.  I followed behind them up the stairs, through the front door and into the most spectacular home… like out of the pages of a magazine.

Everything was sparkling.  From the wreath inside the door to the decorations that filled the halls – each room filled neatly with racks of clothes and tables of toys, Christmas baubles and jewelry and yummy treats.  And the smell… sweet and spicy, cinnamon and clove.  My heart was beating overtime, I was so happy to be there.

“There” being PFR Design, a lifestyle company owned by sisters, Daniela Flores McEntyre & Paulina Flores Rutenberg.  PFR specializes in sourcing and bringing in European Inspired children’s collections, home decor accessories, and a wide array of unique and inspired gift giving ideas.  Their studio was the setting for the first Social Common Holiday Party, and it could not have been in a more perfect spot.

I was feeling good.  Not only was I in the holiday spirit (Little Bee and I had been rocking out to the Elmo Saves Christmas album earlier), but I’d just figured out how to use my new curling wand and was excited to show off my newly ombre’d, wavy ‘do – though please, I ask that you ignore the many, many  teeny burn marks dotting my hands and wrists.  I only said I’d figured it out, not that I’d mastered it.

Although holiday parties typically call for ladies to wear a dress, I haven’t been feeling the dress-wearing vibe ever in my life lately.  So I threw on the hottest alternative holiday outfit I could find: skinny jeans, a classic tee in a gorgeous deep green, a chunky knit, drapey sweater and a sexy new pair of grey, suede booties…. and my nails were red.  Like, RED, red.


As I came out of the bathroom – hair flipping; heels clicking; perfume wafting – my husband looked at me with a smile and said,  “you look very glamorous.”

Okay!  Mission accomplished!  I could go to bed now!  Wait, no I couldn’t.  I was going OUT!  This party was kicking off the season, and promising to be a fabulous time – great wine, amazing food, and the company of many like-minded Mama friends, old and new.  Like-minded in the sense that they, too, were excited for fun, a Christmassy night out.

Sans bébés.

And did I mention there was shopping?   Lots of shopping.

Everything on display was for sale – Catherine and Natalie, along with Paulina and Daniela, did a bang-up job at arranging everything smoothly and perfectly.  Mompreneurs from around the city had stations in every corner – one room dedicated to decorations for the home, another choc-a-block full of toys, activities, and my absolute favourite pajamas for kids by OM Home.  A rack of dreamy Valentine K sweaters stood in the hall, their cashmere admired by everyone that passed.  PFR Designs were featuring their own collection of jewelry, with everything from delicately hammered-gold necklaces to beaded rings, to the most exquisite pair of translucent jade drop-earrings I have ever seen and ohmygodwhydidn’tIbuythemwhywhyWHY?!?!


Tucked away next to the cozy fireplace was Ceri Marsh from the Sweet Potato Chronicles – she and Laura Keogh, the other half of SPC, just released their first cookbook How to Feed a Family (my new favourite weeknight go-to recipe guide), and it sat proudly on display, Mamas poring over the pages in the candlelight.

Andy & Elle were set-up in the kitchen (of my dreams!), a table displaying some of the personalized children’s gift baskets they create, along with a delightful array of classic wooden toys (the push toy being Little Bee’s new favourite thing ever).  Next to them was Amy from Baby Brain Organics, looking as tall and gorgeous as ever in a pair of leather pants that made me green with envy!  She had brought some of her homemade Baby Brain Organics cookies for everyone to enjoy while they Christmas shopped til they dropped!


… I totally did.

And really, how could I not?!  It almost wasn’t fair; the conditions were perfect!  The Christmas tree twinkled,  the wine was going down as easily as the delicious treats, the DJ was spinning, the rooms were full of women wearing and feeling their very best.  Everyone was hugging and laughing and chattering away – I dare anyone to be at an event like that and not get involved in all the festivities… and by “festivities”, I mean shopping, of course.

Oh.  And wine.  Festivities, in this case, also meant wine.  I’m lucky I had a friend acting as my designated driver, because I believe I might have had one glass too many.  But really, what is “too many” for a Tuesday night out at the most fabulous Christmas party of the season?!

I didn’t go too crazy – along with the push toy, I only bought two 4-piece sets of magnetic wooden blocks from Tegu, a perfect distraction toy to keep in your purse for emergencies.  Lord knows if I forget to refill my Cheerios stash before going out with Little Bee there’s usually hell to pay… hopefully next time that happens we’ll be able to keep the peace with this gem.

So considering  how much potential there was for some serious VISA damage, I’d say I practiced a pretty good amount of restraint.

*sniff… those earrings….*

Although my purchasing was limited, my Merry was maxed out.  It was such a magical time, feeling all that positive energy in the air… life’s been tough for so many people lately,  all over the world, and there’s been such sh*t in the news… being surrounded with happiness and joy was truly appreciated, and I think I can speak for everyone there when I say it was the perfect lead-in to Christmas and the New Year.

On my slightly tipsy way out, PFR Designs gifted me with a fantastic monogrammed travel bag set, just in time for our big haul out to the Valley to visit the in-laws.

I thanked them profusely, bid my friends adieu, and walked out into the still falling snow.

My friend and I giggled in the muffled quiet all the way to her car and couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful a night it was.

It’s that time of year again, friends.  And in my opinion, it’s coming just in time.

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