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After having Little Bee, my skin care routine disintegrated into exactly zero.  I was a new Mama with a teeny, colicky baby, and on my list of Important Things I had to adhere to throughout the day, washing my face was at the very dark, cold, lonely bottom.  And crossed out.  The list looked something like this:

1. Keep baby alive
2. Laundry
3. Think about starting dinner… at some point

11. Keep baby alive
12. Laundry

34. Eat
35 – 39. Laundry

45. Wash hair?
46. Keep baby alive
47. Wash face

My philosophy was, “people have done just fine over the centuries without all the lotions and potions, so who really needs them now?!”  I honestly truly thought that – every night as I brushed my teeth I would look over at the sad, old bottle of face wash, just… sitting there.  Collecting dust on the window sill.  And even though it painted a sad picture, I would feel nothing.  Nothing, except relief from being a slave to a stupid skincare routine.

But, I’m only human, guys.  I did have to use something to moisturize my dry, Canadian skin after a shower and through those tough winter months.  Other than a bit of Nivea though, nary a cleanser, nor a toner, nor a fancy firming whatever touched my face in ages. A splash of water, a pat of a towel, Nivea, DONE.  Off to bed!

Over that time, my lack of maintenance didn’t bother me one bit.  In fact, it was quite liberating not washing my face every morning and night.  It’s saved me an extra ten glorious and much needed minutes out of the day!  And what new Mama wouldn’t kill for that “bonus” time?!

I knew I was probably the only woman of my age left on the planet who didn’t keep up a regular skincare routine, though strangely, it never came up in conversation with my friends.  I mean, you’d think that talking about what one does to maintain a youthful glow would be on the lips of every 30-something chatting away with her girlfriends.  Whether it be Botox, peels, a strict juicing diet… but, no.  Which really surprised me particularly within my group, because when you get us going, we can talk about anything and everything forever, covering every subject under the sun (especially all the gossipy ones).

Then one day, a friend did bring up something “A-MA-ZING” she had just discovered and was telling everyone about: The Freeze Clinic and their “cold laser” therapy.  Looking over her face though, I saw that it wasn’t frozen one bit.  If anything it was… full of life!  And plump (in the best possible way) and absolutely beaming!  She seemed truly passionate and seriously, wouldn’t let up about it (Catherine, I love you).

The old mid-20′s me, the one who was diligent about washing her face and taking off her makeup every night with a favourited cleanser, would have said, “that’s great; you look fabulous!” and moved on to something else – because what she was doing was good enough and she looked fine already and didn’t need anything that sounded like a weapon from a sci-fi novel, thank you very much.

But this new me, this Mama Me, with the sallow skin and dark circles under her eyes from having the life leeched out of her from nursing and being up multiple times a night… was piqued by this treatment she was hearing about.

I got the information from Catherine and emailed the next day to make my appointment.

But I couldn’t just go in for my treatment and leave it at that.  I needed to find out the story of Jessica Biegel and Sachi Morris (aka The Freeze Team), and what exactly this cold light/laser therapy was.  Because… it’s not that I was doubtful of what it could do – I saw my friend’s results with my own eyes, so I knew that it was something amazing – but I felt that if it worked for me, someone who has been lazy and ignorant of taking care of her own face, I should spread the word so others like me would know that there is something out there that could help kick-start a new era in their skincare routine.

They were lovely, Jessica and Sachi.  Even though they are experts in the field, they didn’t admonish me for not following any routine whatsoever.  Instead, they educated me (gently) on how beneficial a proper regimen would have on my skin going forward.

Then it was time to start the treatment.  And guys, honestly?  I was a bit scared.

I worried about redness and splotches and having a generally bad reaction to what was about to happen.  I vocalized these concerns, and they assured me that it’s normal to feel that way, but to trust them and know that there would be zero downtime, and that I would be walking out of the clinic feeling like a new woman.

I listened to them, took in everything they told me, then laid out on the table and let them work their magic.

And just as they promised, there was no pain.  None whatsoever!  The microdermabrasion that starts the treatment just felt like a deep facial scrub, and the actual laser itself felt like a light tapping as the wand gently glided over my face.  Then they finished me off with a glorious, heavenly moisturizing collagen mask that sinks into your skin as you lay under a red light and drift in and out of slumber….

And let me tell you, guys:  after just one treatment, I kid you not, I saw a huge change – an improvement in tone, lift and texture.  Oh, the texture!  So heavenly!  I couldn’t stop touching it!

photo(1)Control yourselves, boys.
This was taken from my first treatment mid-way through.
The left side has been LASERED and the right is untouched.  See how plump?  How full?  How GLOWY!?

It’s now been two weeks and I had my second treatment yesterday; it was just as heavenly as the first time, if not better!  And still,  I find myself stealing quiet moments in the day to caress my face when no one is looking!

But if anyone did look at that moment, if they DID catch me stroking my skin as delicately as I would a baby’s bottom, I would proudly tell them why: it’s the Freeze Clinic effect!  I dare you to try it and not do the exact.  Same.  Thing.

I’m converted, guys.  Not only am I now back to a regularly scheduled skin care routine – they carry a divine line of products called Consonant that is now my official new favourite face wash and syrum ever (I finally managed to throw out the old, sad bottle) – but I’m also out and proud about my new not-so-secret weapon:  The Freeze Treatment.

I’m hooked, and I highly recommend you all become hooked, too.

Besides, who really  needs an those extra 10 minutes a day, really?


For more information on The Freeze Clinic, visit
And stay connected with The Freeze Team on Twitter:  @thefreezeclinic

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    […] been a fan of the Consonant Skincare line from waaaaaay back when I first interviewed the ladies at The Freeze Clinic all those many moons ago. Since then I’ve been a regular user […]

    […] been a fan of the Consonant Skincare line from waaaaaay back when I first interviewed the ladies at The Freeze Clinic all those many moons ago. Since then I’ve been a regular user […]

    […] your face.  Remember a while back when you talked to the ladies at the Freeze Clinic about how you wanted to start washing your face again, every day?  Remember that??  And remember […]

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