We Did It!

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We got through the first day of school!… well, half-day.  Okay, two hours.

My husband and I got through the first hour and forty-five minutes of Little Bee being in daycare!  It was the first “transition” day, so she was supposed to be there for that long – we didn’t decide half-way through the morning that, “okay!  Enough is enough!  Let’s go get her now!” That’s not to say that I didn’t think that after the first twenty minutes….

And the most amazing part:  when we picked her up, we were told by the lovely ladies working there that she was a rock star the whole time!  Okay, they didn’t use those words specifically, but that’s what I’m going to say to people when they ask how she did, “she was a ROCK STAR!”


When we first arrived this morning we took her coat and boots off, and right away she toddled into the fray, kissing her new friends along the way (seriously, this girl LOVES to kiss… should I be worried?).  Just like that, she was gone.  Didn’t even look back, didn’t even notice when we left! *SOB*

We sat in the Starbucks down the street, staring at each other, then at our phones, then back at each other – counting the minutes until it was time to pick her up.  I missed her so much my heart was exploding out of my chest.  “I feel like she’s crying,” I said at one point.  “She’s not crying,” said my husband.  “And if she is, she will be fine”

He was right (*coughforoncecough*)!  Turns out she was MORE than fine!

She was a Rock Star, and we are soSOOOsososo proud of her.


Monday starts MY first day back at school – except my school isn’t a bright room, a technicolour-sensation at every turn with toys tumbling out of baskets and scattered around the floor.  No.  Mine is much starker:  long, grey, cheaply-carpeted corridors, cold elevators, slippery linoleum floors, projecting the “click, click, click”‘s of the cheap shoes stomping across them.  Undergrounds and food courts and “IAMSOBUSYMOVEOUTOFMYWAY!” bodies, crushing against each other while to-ing and fro-ing between towering skyscrapers.

I won’t have any new friends to play with.  I won’t get to sit in a circle and sing songs and have snack time and go on adventures to the park.  I will sit at my desk and eat my high-sodium Thai food out of a styrofoam box and, like this morning, count the minutes until I can pick her up.


And to all you parents who told me, “just wait, every kid there will have a runny nose!” …. YOU WERE RIGHT.  Every single child had a runny nose.  A snot slug, streaking towards their mouths, tongues hanging out in eager anticipation…. GROSSGROSSGROSSSSSSSS!!!!  

That voice, the practical one, keeps saying, “Beth, don’t worry.  You’re still nursing Little Bee – those anti-bodies will keep her healthy!”  Oh, shut up, Stupid Voice.  What do you know?!  You’ve never had a kid in daycare before!  Sickness comes with the territory, and we’re prepared for that.  Just… not the grossness of it.


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