#ThrowbackThursday: Halloween Edition!

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Okay, enough of the pouty, doomy-gloomy posts.  Let’s have a few laughs now, shall we??


We’re going back here, people.  And I mean, waaaAAAAY back.  Like, circa 1983, back.

This is one of my favourite shots ever of my brother, sister and me.

ImageLook at the costumes!  Those are HOME MADE!  Classic!  I mean, come on!  My brother as INDIANA JONES from Raiders of the Lost Ark!  And it’s not even the “typical” Indy costume!  He specifically wanted to be the Indy with the turban and the gun!!  Already thinking outside the box (*coughlawyercough*)!  And then of course, my insanely adorable chunk of a baby sister as a saintly nurse.  See my hand resting delicately on her head?  Perhaps I was confusing my Little Red Riding outfit with that of the Virgin Mary?


And the best part?  My mother kept all of these outfits!  And of course she did, she made them all by hand and with such love and an incredible attention to detail.  One year there was a Mr. T wig made from flesh-coloured felt and brown yarn – I MUST find a picture of it.  It’s… it’s incredible.


When it came time to deciding what we would dress Little Bee as for her first Halloween outing, I perused the shops, touching all the itchy fabrics and cheaply made accessories, cringing at the $80+ price tags (FOR AN OUTFIT THEY WILL PROBABLY WEAR ONCE?!?!?), and concluded that nothing I could buy would be as perfect as something my mother made all those years ago.  So I went rummaging through my parent’s basement, and came first upon the Nurse’s Uniform.


It’s simple, effing adorable, easy to put on over layers of clothing and rain gear, and so comfortable she won’t even know she’s wearing it.  And that’s a good thing – Little Bee is a baby who prefers nothing more than to be as nekkid as the day she was born.  Getting her to wear socks is a challenge.  So one less thing to battle her on tonight allows us to breathe a little easier and enjoy ourselves.  Rain be damned!!

She has no idea what’s going to happen later, but her father and I have been waiting for this day with eager anticipation.   Her first time Trick-or-Treating!!  What a milestone!  A right of passage for all North American  kids!!  And the start of some pretty cool family traditions… like homemade costumes.  Yes, I think that will be something we’ll do going forward.  Because really, you can’t put a price tag on a picture like that one.


What are your family Halloween traditions?  Tweet me at @themamamantra or leave a comment!

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