Baby Brain Organics: Interview & Giveaway!

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Hey, guys!  Okay, so forgive me the choppy edits.  This was the first time using this editing software – I just need to get comfortable with all the icons and dragging shots and transitions and clicky things….


I have to thank Amy Brown for agreeing to sit down with me.  Like I mention in the vlog, after corresponding with her and reading her story on the Baby Brain Organics site, I came to realize that this product was created out of so much love, and I really wanted to put a face to the brains behind it.  Amy truly does have an immense heart, and genuinely cares about how all families provide nutrition for their kids.

So Amy, thank you 🙂


I’m going through a… frustrating time with Little Bee right now.  She’s always been a wee one – in the 10th percentile for weight – but I have never had any concerns about her size since both her father and I are “skinny” folk.  People have always commented that she is going to turn out like my husband, tall and lean, like a gazelle.  Okay, that last part came from me.  I HOPE she’s tall and lean like a gazelle because if she gets my genes she will be short with stumpy legs and always be adding a 1/4″ when people ask how tall she is.


But like I said, I have never been concerned about her being the way she is… until recently, when at her 12-month checkup, her pediatrician said that he’s “not worried” about her weight yet, but “if things don’t improve” by the next visit in 3 months, he is going to take a blood draw to “RULE OUT ANY UNDERLYING MEDICAL CONDITIONS”  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, SERIOUSLY!!  What kind of MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL says something like that to a first-time mom?!?!?!?  I sat there nodding my head, agreeing that I would stop offering her water when she seemed thirsty and instead chase her around the house with a sippy cup full of whole milk all day long.  My head was buzzing when we left, poor Bee sobbing in my arms because, to add insult to injury, after being criticized for her weight, she had to get two shots (*SOB*).

So now, even though in my Mama Gut I KNOW, in my heart-of-hearts, that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with my perfect little girl, I have become a PARANOID CRAZY WOMAN WHO CHASES HER 1-YEAR OLD DAUGHTER AROUND THE HOUSE WITH A SIPPY CUP FULL OF WHOLE MILK ALL DAY LONG.

First thing that needed to change?  The doctor.  My husband, bless his soul, saw the crazy compounding in my eyes and made the I Am The Daddy Mantra decision to switch doctors.  STAT.  We’re in the process of getting her in to see our family physician as we speak.

My main priority had become: how do I get more nutrition into this girl??  She has been on solids since she was just shy of 6-months old, and since then has had her ups and downs when it comes to her appetite.  There are so many factors at play in a baby, though – teething, growth spurts, sickness, distractions.  A rainbow of reasons why, to her, she just can’t eat another bite of the (DELICIOUS!) homemade puree Mama made for her.   And I can’t force feed her.  I can’t make her sit at the table until she’s finished what’s on her plate.  She’s 1.  Not 10.  Her instincts tell her when she’s finished, and then she looks at me and rubs her little hands together (which means “all finished” in our household), and then I offer her a couple more bites of whatever I’m feeding her and, if she turns away, I set her loose.  What else can I do??



I needed… not, a solution.  Because really, unless this girls starts eating like a pig/pro/boss/regular baby (??), there is no clear-cut solution.  And when I realized that, I felt so lost.  Like a seriously bad parent.  Like, I’m not providing for my kid the way I should be!!  Her nutrition is poor, she is going to get Rickets and I’m going to be put in jail and THE END. *SOB*

What I needed, was something that I could utilize, something I could add *coughsneakincough* to her food that would boost the basic nutrition she would be getting if she were to be eating way more.

And then.  I kid you not.  Cherubs sang, heaven shone, choirs…sang….

Baby Brain Organics fell into my lap.

Catherine, a dear, old friend, and one half of the dream team behind the mommy group Social Common, introduced me to Amy with the thought that I would do a review and vlog on BBO.  It really.  Truly.  Honestly.  Could NOT have come at a better time in my life.  Amy and I wrote a few emails back and forth and I got to researching the product, reading through her website and looking into all the health benefits of what goes into each bag of Yummy Tummy and Buddha Belly.  And before it even arrived at my door, I already felt a sense of relief.  I felt, THIS is my solution!  THIS is what I need!  THIS IS WHAT WILL REPLACE ME CHASING MY DAUGHTER AROUND THE HOUSE WITH A SIPPY CUP OF WHOLE MILK.

Once I had it in my hands, I felt a little like this:


Sorry, I hadn’t seen that in a while and needed a little dose.

I immediately started adding a tablespoon to everything… and I mean, EVERYTHING… that I put in Bee’s mouth.  I add it to her oatmeal in the morning, her yogurt snack, her purees, her pancakes, her pasta, her CHEERIOS.

The bag is now empty.  After 3 weeks, the whole entire bag of Yummy Tummy is gone.  Which reminds me, I have to order more….

She still only takes a few big bites at mealtime.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  I don’t want you guys to take away that she doesn’t eat, because then you’ll think there maybe IS something wrong with her.  The fact is, she eats.  She eats what she needs.  She is a baby going on her instincts.  And if her belly is saying she’s full, then she’s full.  And as her Mama, it’s my job to make sure that those bites she takes, however many or little they may be, are as nutritious and fulfilling as possible.

Which is why I am wholeheartedly grateful for Baby Brain Organics.  Knowing that all those amazing things are getting into my baby every day,  I’m now sleeping a little better at night.

So I encourage all of you parents, and even non-parents out there (it’s Big Person friendly, too!), to watch the videos here, and visit the Baby Brain Organics site for more information.  And of course, to order your own so you can experience it for yourself.

If you’re in a similar situation to me, you will be thankful you did.



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One thought on “Baby Brain Organics: Interview & Giveaway!

    Catherine and Natalie said:
    October 24, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    Great Job ladies!!!!! Love the Vlog and Interview! xx “the social common girls”

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