#ThrowbackThursday: Friday Edition.

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*DISCLAIMER TO MY FRIENDS: I apologize if you are in any of the below photos which have clearly been posted without your permission.  Names and… um, locations?  No.  That’s not changed.  Just, names.  Yes.  I will change your names.  And you can send me a shouty email after you enjoy this drunken trip down memory lane.  

Can… can I do this?

Am I allowed to post a #TBT (thanks, Lish & Fong!) on a Friday??  Are the Hashtag Police going to come charging through my front door and rip the router out of the wall and smash my computer to bits and ban me from social media for life?


My sister is in town, so Little Bee and I hung out with her yesterday – which is why I missed posting #TBT on the, I guess, proper day of the week.  The day when all normal people in the world post their #TBT’s.

I’m new to this whole hashtag business, guys, so until I’m familiar with all the ins and the outs and the what-to-dos, I might just post the occasional #TBW or a #TBTues if I’m so moved to.


We’re not going too far back here – these are from Queen’s Day 2010.  I was in Amsterdam after a brief stopover in London (when I got engaged.  *heartflutters*) visiting an old friend who had just moved there from Toronto.  It was one of the best holidays of my life, if only for the sheer insanity of it.  Memorable, but, not-so-memorable, if you catch my drift.  Heh, heh.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Queen’s Day is a national holiday in the Netherlands at the end of April which sees the entire city of Amsterdam go absolutely mental-crazy and explode in orange.  People from all over the world congregate to throw one giant, HUGE party – bodies crush through every street and dance on boats stuffed in every canal – it’s truly a sight to see.   It’s not for the faint of heart though, booze flows and smoke floats and inhibitions are checked at the gate.

It is so.  Much.  Fun.

Now, I vaguely remember having a camera while I was there, and I kind of recall taking pictures and videos to commemorate the festivities… but, I guess I never did anything with them once I got back, because I only JUST found an old, dusty camera in a random drawer, and on it…. GOLD.  I sat on the couch for an hour, scrolling through all the shots and reminiscing, howling my ass off.

Oh my God, the shit we got up to….


ImageDav…I mean, DOUG: “I’m Dutch.”

Tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of people, turning a city into a sea of ORANJE.

No need to say it.  I know what you’re thinking:  Hot DAY-UM, GURLS.

I heart loose European public drinking laws.


Just a touch claustrophobic.

The happy couple, Preston III & Annabella (names have been changed and I got to choose them, soooo…).

And this was just the early-afternoon.  The REAL party happened that night.

Bubbles?  Why not?!

Woah.  Who IS that mysterious, sexy lady??!

Unfortunately, the city was in the middle of a garbage strike the next day.  Every street looked like this, some worse than others.

Woah, woah, WOAH!  Who is THAT glamorous and sexy lady?!?!

MINT tea, guys. Nothing to see here.

Hezzeranda, sitting poshly, and I’m sure soberly, on the balcony of our hotel.

And here is where I leave you.  Not much else to see, guys.  Well, nothing PG-rated, anyway.

Heh, heh.

* A parting note:  if you dig for it, somewhere in internet-land, there is a video I created memorializing the madness of that raucous Queen’s Day weekend…..

Happy Friday!

One thought on “#ThrowbackThursday: Friday Edition.

    hot stuff said:
    October 23, 2013 at 2:22 am

    i also(no shiz) found pics from A-dam last week. Ones that I had not seen for years – nostalgia to the point where I went back to ze old blog and found your vid. So funny…..not.

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