Happy Birthday, My Darling.

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Today you are one, my darling.   My love

My life, my joy, my frustration (seriously, girl.  Get AWAY from the speaker…).

Of course this is who you are.  I feel that, even though you were a stranger, I always knew you would be you.  Every day, every new thing, every new word, new noise, new look – yes, that’s exactly right.  Exactly what you were meant to do.

You make me laugh.  Oh, how you make me laugh.  And, my darling, you make me cry.

Oh, boy.  How you make me cry.

You scare me.  You thrill me.  You love me so much.  And your Daddy and I love you back.  All of it.  The whole universe.

Your Daddy.  Your wonderful, caring, patient father – once someone you were convinced was put on this earth to keep us apart, is now the funniest person in your world.  When he walks into the room you squeal with such delight, all he has to do is smile at you and you explode with happiness.

My darling, you are one today.  Countless milestones to come.  And, God willing, a lifetime of years ahead.

This past year has been the hardest, most challenging of my life.  But also the most incredible…I don’t think there are any words for it, really.  How can you describe the love you have for your child?  How can you show them?  Do you give them a gift?  What gift could that possibly be?

The sun?  The moon?  The stars?

A pony?

My darling, you are one today.  And one day, I hope to be able to show you, to tell you, just how much you mean to me.  To find the words, so you will know.

That you are my life.  My love.  My everything.

My darling.  Today, even though you don’t know it, you are one.

Happy First Birthday.

Now, let’s go to the park.

One thought on “Happy Birthday, My Darling.

    Grannie (Chris) Conacher said:
    October 8, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    On the occasion of your first birthday, my wish for you my darling granddaughter is to know true love. You have wonderful parents (and a loving family) who will teach you all the good things in life. I wish you joy and strength to stand for what you believe in; I wish you curiosity, and to be who you want to be. And when the time comes, I wish you courage to strike out in uncharted waters. But most of all I wish you love – which your Grannie and Granddad give to you without hesitation for always and forever…

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