#ThrowbackThursday: Ryan’s Kitchen #1

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Because I am obviously very hip and current…or should I say #hip and #current (or just #hipandcurrent?), here is my very first #ThrowbackThursday post.

Should I capitalize the T’s? Can I separate hashtagged words? Is “hashtagged” a word?

See? Only hip peeps would ask questions about hashtags.

Anyway, this video was done a million years ago almost 4 years ago in my brother’s old apartment. We decided to make cooking videos for our little sister, who had recently admitted to quite enjoying making the occasional meal at home, something she had NEVER mentioned doing before.

My brother and I, who LOVE to cook, thought that making these little instructionals would be a fun and cute way for her to gather some basic recipes for her kitchen.

And so, “Ryan’s Kitchen” was born! Above, with a WHOPPING 587 views!!, is Episode #1…

…and if you dig, I’m sure you can find the second and final, drunken episode online, too. It was a short-lived series.

Enjoy, and bon appétit!

P.S. The gorgeous people making cameo appearances are my husband and sister-in-law.  Those reaction shots are not faked, people.  It was all that good.

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