Mama Mantra Tip #2.

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When you realize that for some inexplicable reason, against all odds in the entire Universe, you have SOMEHOW, but have no idea how, lost 7 POUNDS, you must ABSOLUTELY revert back to the Muffin-A-Day habit you formed in the days after giving birth.

Because, even though you’re not nursing 24/7 like you were back then which allowed you to drop the baby weight in the first place, how much damage could a daily big, fluffy, delicious muffin do, really??Β  You’re light as a feather!Β  You didn’t exactly work for this mysterious weight loss, but HELL, girl!

Do The Daily Muffin Dance!

*When doing the dance, just don’t think about the chocolate chip cookies you’ve been gorging on at “snack time”…which maybe sometimes is quite possibly happening more than once a day these days*

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