Day 2. Or, wait. Is it 3…?

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GUYS! I am SO SORRY I didn’t get a post off before we left! I had one half-written and a .gif of a post-battle screaming William Wallace ready and everything! But things got completely mental! With the organizing and the lists and the packing and then suddenly the taxi was there and then we were at the airport then on the plane then on another plane then the train…and then it was the dead of night and we were in Bridge of Orchy dragging our luggage and our daughter in pitch black darkness down an unlit cobblestoned road to our hotel where they had STOPPED SERVING DINNER 10 MINUTES BEFORE WE ARRIVED but *OHTHANKGOD* they had beer!!! Sweet, warm, Scottish cask ale!! And the following morning we were off on the 21km hike which was UPHILL FOR THE FIRST 10KM but we SURVIVED.


It’s now day 2, but maybe day 3, depending on which time zone my brain is in. Lord knows where the eff my body thinks it is. Whichever the day, it’s supposed to be the “short” day, *just* 14km – the first stretch up a mountain affectionately called The Devil’s Staircase. So…maybe NOT the “short” day?

Anyway, MUST GO. I have been discovered writing at the “wifi Hot Spot” of our incredibly quaint Guest House by my husband…he thought I was right behind him on the way back to the room after breakfast. Speaking of which, um, I just had the BEST blood pudding of my life. That taste will be in my mouth all day long! YUM!

Our daughter has been a dream travel buddy. Seriously, absolute perfection. I’ll get into more detail later, but she has been a star. Just the best.

Okay! Day 2 of hiking, here we come! Midges be DAMNED!

Talk soon!

P.S. She’s a fan of haggis!! I gave her some to try last night and she gobbled it up like it was her JOB. I was one proud Mama πŸ™‚

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