Down To The Wire.

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We’re five days out, people.

Five days until we leave on our Scottish Hiking/Baby Sister’s Wedding Adventure.

Thinking about it is giving me the sweats.

I need you, Mama Mantra.

So many things to do!  Errands to run, lists to make, bags to pack, food to buy, clothes to wash, gear to organize, toys to remember, do I have enough socks for her?  Do we have warm enough jackets?  Are the diaper sizes in Europe different from here?  Will there be places to take shelter from the rain?  Is she going to FREAK OUT when it rains??  Have we booked the right trains?  The right hotels?  The right flights?  Can we give her baby Gravol on the plane so she sleeps?  Is that bad to even ask??

Oh mah gah.  CTFD.

Breathe.  One decision at a time, right?

I have to go.  I have to put another load in the wash.

2 thoughts on “Down To The Wire.

    Sara said:
    September 7, 2013 at 3:06 pm

    LOL it is soooo ok to ask if you can give her Gravol! She might not need it though. Baby J has had the best sleeps of her life on the plane. Gentle vibrations, white noise, sleeping in mommy’s lap… Have a great trip 🙂

    […] Down To The Wire. ( […]

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