Social Common does Gap Kids.

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I’m not much for shopping, despite being raised with a sister who I sometimes think invented it and meant for it to be a sport.

I should clarify that I’m specifically talking about shopping for myself – all the different labels and stores and colours and varying sizes (WHY isn’t there just one universal sizing chart for women?!)…I get flustered, can’t focus and often flee as soon as the salesperson asks, “can I help you find the right size in that?”

Buying for others, on the other hand…I could compete in THAT sport. And now that I have a DAUGHTER to buy for? An 11-month old, curly-haired, adorable, light-of-my-life little girl who just so happens to need all new clothes because she’s about to start daycare in the fall (*SOB*)?! Oh, let the games begin!

Which is why I was so excited to attend the first members only event for the rapidly growing moms social group, the aptly named Social Common, at the uptown Gap Kids store.

Social Common is the brain child of Catherine and Natalie, old friends turned business partners who, collectively, have 5 kids under the age of 4 (Yeowza!). Having known each other since high school, where they admittedly excelled in “hanging out”, and being the social butterflies they are, they’d been searching for a meet-up group for moms like them (also Social Common’s tag-line), but to no avail. Tired of the same-old coffee dates and ventures to the park, they decided to create their own group, and…ehem, gave birth, if you will, to Social Common!

The mostly evening events range from cooking classes to expert speakers, to dinner parties where family-oriented topics are discussed amongst a table full of food, wine and other women looking to shake loose their mommy cloak for a night! The environments are supportive, inspiring, and FUN! And even if you show up alone, like I have on occasion, you’re pretty much guaranteed to leave having made a new friend or two, which is just what Catherine and Natalie intended.

At the Gap event, all members were being gifted a generous 30% off their entire purchase, including the newly released fall collection. And, if you’ve ever shopped regular-price at a Gap Kids, you’ll know that 30% off there is pretty much making money!

We had free rein of the store from 7:30 to 9:30pm, so I was entering into a full 2-hour long shopping commitment. Despite being a contender for this event, I have to be honest, it made me (and my husband) a bit nervous (especially my husband) – because, come on. Gap Kids clothes are The. Cutest. Ever! And since I had yet to get anything for my daughter to wear for daycare (*SOB*), I was fully aware of the dent that could/would be made on my credit card.

When I arrived at the store however, I found that Catherine and Natalie had spun their awesome energy through the aisles like a web, and I was caught up in the positive vibe, instantly forgetting the worries I had about burning through my VISA (sorry, dear!). Ladies sashayed through the door as Top 40 summer beats buzzed through the room. Natalie poured glass after glass of Union wine to the laughing, chatting moms. Catherine bounded from guest to guest, not missing anyone, her voice carrying through the rows of bright, neon clothes…it was like I had entered Social Common’s home and we were all old friends already.

I left that night with a big bag full of gorgeous clothes for my daughter, a credit card that didn’t know what hit it, a smile on my face and a few new friends, who I look forward to seeing at the next Social Common event. A totally gold-medal worthy night in my books, and a great way to usher my baby girl into the next chapter of her big-girl life (*SOB*).

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